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Since Sierra no longer sells this game, I'm posting it for anyone who'd like to play it.  It was really a fun game, and actually won some awards.  This game will run in either DOS or Windows.  Download all five disks, unzip the files making sure to extract the path structure as well, and then copy them onto 3.5 floppies.  If you're running Windows, I recommend you run the Windows setup rather than attempt the DOS install.  Once you have all five disks ready, insert disk one and run "setup.exe," and then follow the prompts.  Enjoy! 

Download Disk1

Download Disk2

Download Disk3

Download Diak4

Download Disk5

Scanned Manual 7Mb

Word 2000 format & zipped

Dear Mark,
 Known bug

There is a known bug that seems to happen on most modern machine.  I think it might have something to do with a CPU speed issue.  The game will hang right near the end of Chapter 1.  Pepper is spying on Uncle Fred...Crazy Mad Scientist Uncle Fred!  Fortunately, you are very close to the end of chapter one.  After spying on Fred you learn that he is trying to turn Ben Franklin into a hippie in order to cause the American Revolution to not take place…then he can take over the world <Insert crazy laugh here>.  Of course, Pepper and Lockjaw get sucked into his machine while trying to stop him and they end up getting launched back in time to the days of Ben Franklin and almost immediately arrested and thrown in the stockade.  If you start the game now at Chapter 2, you should be able to continue.  I am not aware of any other issues, so you should be able to finish the game from there.  Good Luck!

And special thanks to Ben for e-mailing me the following information regarding the Install:

To install the game without using floppy disks:

1. Download each disk zip
2. Unzip each disk folder directly to your hard drive

(NOTE: this ensures each disk folder has a short absolute path, for example C:\Disk2)
3. Run the setup program in the Disk1 folder

(i.e. C:\Disk1\SETUP.EXE)
4. When prompted for the next disk, type the path for that disk and press "OK"

    (e.g. For the prompt "Please insert Disk #2" you type "C:\Disk2" without the quotes)


On later versions of Windows

(i.e. XP Home) there is a problem with the backgrounds being rendered, whereby they are only rendered where sprites are blitted to the screen. To solve this problem:

 1. In the folder that the game was installed, right-click the SCIWV.EXE and select "Properties"
2. Select the "Compatibility" tab
3. Check the "Run in 256 colors" checkbox
4. Select "OK"


 Speed Issue

This probably shouldn't be regarded as a bug, but on faster machines the player character moves far too fast to see the walking animation. To solve this problem:

 1. When the game has started click the settings icon on the drop-down bar/menu

(it's the one that looks like a needle pointing meter)
2. Move the walking speed slider down to mid-way

(it's the one that looks like a bolt of lightening)
3. Select "Play"