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Pepper’s Adventures in Time

Design by Location:

p120 - Pepper's House/Front Steps (Scroller w/130)

1) Pepper and Lockjaw Playing (Act I:B):

Pepper and Lockjaw are on the porch. Pepper is petting Lockjaw. There is a microphone lying on the stairs. A gross gob of bubble gum is stuck to one of the steps. Flash Pepper's icon bar. Turn over control to player. HAND on MICROPHONE shows Pepper picking up the Microphone, thereby activating the TALK icon. Pepper looks right at the player and talks into the Microphone, introducing herself. NOTE: Lockjaw won't bite onto his harness until Pepper has picked up the Microphone and given Lockjaw Water.

2) Fixing the Drainpipe (Act I:B):

HAND on DRAINPIPE shows Pepper picking it up. It goes into inventory. HAND on BUBBLE GUM shows Pepper walking over to the gum. She steps on it, and it sticks to the bottom of her shoe. Pepper pulls it off with a disgusted comment, and it stretches nastily. NOTE: Every time Pepper walks over the gum before picking it up, she will stick to the spot for a moment. GUM on PEPPER gets Pepper turning to the player with a disgusted 'No way! GUM on LOCKJAW shows Pepper tossing Lockjaw the gum. He catches it and chews it with great enthusiasm. Lockjaw automatically spits the soft gum out at Pepper. It arcs through the air, and she catches it. Pepper must use the SOFT GUM on the DRAINPIPE SECTION in Inventory, OR the SOFT GUM on the DRAINPIPE on the wall. DRAINPIPE SECTION on DRAINPIPE (After Gum has been attached) shows Pepper sticking the two sections together. The Drainpipe Section bangs against the house, triggering the Pepper's Parents cartoon.

3) Pepper's Parents Cartoon (Act I:C):

Pepper has just attached the Drainpipe, and it banged on the wall. From somewhere up above, a loud banging commences, accompanied by a Star Trek style computer controlled screen shake. This causes the windowshade in the big front window to roll up, revealing the bathrobed silhouettes of Pepper's Parents. Pepper's parents are in the midst of an argument. Finally Pepper's mom reaches out and pulls the windowshade down.

4) Trying to Climb the Drain Pipe (Act I:B):

HAND on repaired DRAINPIPE before Lockjaw gets his HARNESS shows Pepper wrapping herself around it and starting to shinny up it. Lockjaw grabs onto her pants leg and won't let go. She cannot climb any higher. WALK or HAND anywhere else shows Pepper climbing down.

5) Meeting Mrs. O'Brien for the First Time (Act I:B):

NOTE: This is just for fun, and to give Pepper a clue. This is no longer a puzzle. There are two ways to trigger Mrs. O'Brien's sticking her head out the window; try to climb the drainpipe, or pick one of her flowers. HAND on FLOWER shows Pepper walking toward the flowerbed. Lockjaw joins her. As soon as they get there, Lockjaw starts digging in the flowerbed (flowers and dirt flying) and Pepper reaches for a flower. The window over the flowers slams open, and Mrs. O'Brien sticks her head out and yells at Pepper. She looks very angry and cranky. She will wait for a few moments, giving the player time to talk to her. If they don't, or after the conversation, she will slam the window shut. She will come out every time the player does HAND on FLOWER. Once Pepper comes down from the drainpipe because Lockjaw won't let her climb it, Mrs. O'Brien sticks her head out the window and yells at Pepper. She will give Pepper a clue about the harness.

6) Filling Lockjaw's Water Dish (Act I:B):

HAND on WATER VALVE shows Pepper turning on the valve and filling the dish. Lockjaw goes over and drinks up all the water, drooling and slobbering in a doggy fashion. NOTE: If the player does this twice, Lockjaw will drink again, then he will go lift his leg on the tree. NOTE: Lockjaw won't use the dog harness until he's had water at least once.

7) Other Actions (Act I:B):

HAND on LOCKJAW shows Pepper petting him. Lockjaw goes nuts, rolling around in doggie ecstasy. HAND on FRONT DOOR shows Pepper walking to the door and grabbing the knob. Lockjaw whines and looks pitiful. Pepper tells him he can't come in. Lockjaw starts crying. Pepper agrees to stay out with him.

8) Easter Eggs (Act I:B):

LOOK on the HOLES IN THE FLOWERBED shows a hedgehog pop up and look around. Lockjaw's hackles pop up, and he dives at the hedgehog. Lockjaw gets stuck in the hole, with his stubby little back legs waving around. The hedgehog pops out of another hole and gives Lockjaw a raspberry. Rarely, random things could pop up out of the holes, such as a miner, a dinosaur, Elvis, etc.

9) Getting Lockjaw's Harness

After the Pepper's Parents cartoon, Pepper tells Lockjaw that they should climb up and see what Uncle Fred is up to. If she tries to do it without the harness, Lockjaw won't let her (he grabs her pants). After he has done that, Pepper asks him what he's done with his harness. Flash Lockjaw's icon bar. He must to PAW on FLOWERBED. This causes him to dig the harness out. As he does, Mrs. O pops out to yell at them. She goes back in. HAND on HARNESS causes Pepper to pick it up.

10) Climbing the Drainpipe to the Attic (Act I:D):

Use DOG HARNESS on LOCKJAW after trying to climb the drainpipe but before giving Lockjaw Water and/or picking up the MICROPHONE- Lockjaw shakes his head NO. Use DOG HARNESS on LOCKJAW with all conditions met shows Pepper calling Lockjaw, holding up the harness. Lockjaw looks at the player and jerks his head toward Pepper as if to say 'get this'. Pepper puts her hands on her hips and asks if Lockjaw wants to stay here. Lockjaws shakes his head no, growling uh-uh. Lockjaw walks over to her slowly, dragging his paws. Pepper tries to put the harness over his head, but he bites down on the harness and won't let go. Pepper fastens the end of the harness around her waist, commenting about what a weird dog Lockjaw is. Lockjaw goes stiff. Pepper starts to climb the drainpipe. Lockjaw is dangling from the leash, swinging below her like a pendulum. They climb up and out of this screen, and scroll into the Attic Window screen.

p130 - Pepper's House/Upper Story (scroller w/120)

Animation Summary:

1) Pepper Climbs Up (Act I:D):

Loop 1. Pepper climbs a little way up the drainpipe automatically, then stops. Lockjaw is swinging down below her by his harness. Loop 2. As the screen scrolls from 120 to 130, the bottom section of drainpipe that she fixed falls off. Loop 3. Pepper is now under player control. Loop 4. HAND on HIGHER SECTION OF DRAINPIPE shows Pepper climbing up to this point. Loop 5. HAND on LOWER SECTION OF DRAINPIPE shows Pepper climbing down to that point. She has to stop at the bottom of the screen-it won't scroll back down. (msg about Pepper getting hurt if she tries).

2) Getting on the Roof (Act I:D):

Loop 1. HAND on ROOF in front of window shows Pepper climbing onto the roof. Loop 2. Lockjaw is hanging off the edge of the roof by the leash. He rolls his eyes and barks 'with his mouth full', his cheeks bulging. Loop 3. Pepper (still under computer control) lifts Lockjaw up onto the roof, apologizing to him. Loop 4. Lockjaw lets go of the harness. Loop 5. Pepper unhooks the harness and puts it away, grimacing because it's covered in Lockjaw spit. Loop 6. LOOK on WINDOW gets a msg that it's too dirty to see through. Loop 7. HAND on WINDOW shows Pepper wiping away a clean spot with her sleeve. Loop 8. LOOK on cleaned CIRCLE brings up the Attic Pic, with a circle 'o dirt overlay.

3) Pepper and Lockjaw Fall In (Act I:D):

Uncle Fred has just declared his intentions to mess up Colonial America. fade to Lockjaw and Pepper on the roof. Loop 1. Pepper looks at Lockjaw and says urgently that they have to stop Uncle Fred. Loop 2. Lockjaw starts barking at Uncle Fred wildly. Loop 3. Lockjaw stands up just behind Pepper's shoulder and puts his paws on the glass. Loop 4. Lockjaw overbalances, and Pepper and Lockjaw fall in through the window. (It opens in, French style). Fade to Uncle Fred's Attic.

pic 140 - Uncle Fred's Attic

1) Pepper and Lockjaw Spy on Uncle Fred (Act I:D):

Pepper and Lockjaw have just rubbed a hole in the dirt of Uncle Fred's attic window, and are now looking in through the Dirt Overlay. They are out of sight. Loop 1. Uncle Fred is excited and gleeful, rubbing his hands and talking to himself as he makes adjustments on the machine. Loop 2. Uncle Fred's expression turns sour, and he mockingly repeats imagined insults and injuries from people as he tinkers with the machine. Loop 3. Uncle Fred stops adjusting to shake his fist at the sky and declare 'I'll show them all!'. Loop 4. Uncle Fred strikes a puffed-up, kingly pose as he declares he will soon rule the universe. Loop 5. Uncle Fred gloatingly flips through a thick book. Loop 6. Uncle Fred points at a place in the book triumphantly. He laughs wildly. Loop 7. Uncle Fred cranks the AD dial of the microwave. Loop 8. '1764' appears on the Running Message sign. Loop 9. An image of Ben Franklin appears on the microwave screen. Loop 10. The running message sign displays 'BEN FRANKLIN: SELF-DETERMINATION, EQUALITY, DEMOCRACY.' Loop 11. Uncle Fred rants and raves about 'equality is only for those who deserve it'. Loop 12. Uncle Fred goes to his shelf 'o beakers. Loop 13. Uncle Fred looks for a moment, then grabs the one that says '1968'. Loop 14. Uncle Fred holds the bottle up, chortling and gloating over what he's going to do to Ben. Loop 15. Uncle Fred pours the contents of the 1968 beaker into the microwave's beaker. Loop 16. The micro beaker begins to swirl with psychedelic color. Cut to Pepper and Lockjaw outside the window.

2) Starting Up the Time Machine (Act I:D):

Loop 1. Pepper and Lockjaw are lying on the floor in the extreme foreground, having just fallen through the window. Loop 2. Pepper and Lockjaw stand up. Loop. 3. As they are standing up, an angry Uncle Fred advances on Pepper, telling her to get out. Loop 4. Lockjaw growls menacingly, his hackles sticking up. Loop 5. Lockjaw goes stiff and launches at Uncle Fred, taking a big bite of his butt. Loop 6. Uncle Fred dances wildly around the room with Lockjaw attached to his butt. Loop 7. Uncle Fred tells Pepper to get Lockjaw off of him, or he'll kill Lockjaw. Loop 8. Revert to Player Control. Player will have about 5 seconds to do HAND on LOCKJAW. That shows Pepper rushing forward and grabbing Lockjaw. NOTE: If the player doesn't do Hand on Lockjaw withing the 5 seconds, do it automatically, and player doesn't get points. Loop 9. Pepper gets a good grip on Lockjaw and pulls him off of Uncle Fred, with some difficulty. Loop 10. Pepper staggers backwards, right into the DO IT! button. Loop 11. The Time Machine comes on. Lights flash, parts move, and a strange whirring sound is heard. Loop 12. While Pepper and Lockjaw stand gaping, a lightening bolt strikes the screen Ben. Loop 13. Ben's eyes turn into red, spinning targets. The Digital Readout begins to cycle and spin its lights. Loop 14. The big target attached to the time machine begins spinning wildly. Loop 15. Lockjaw barks at the spinning target, then jumps at it. Loop 16. Lockjaw plunges into the target. All you can see of him is his little stubby tail, protruding from the target and spinning around and around. Loop 17. Uncle Fred shakes his fist and screams in a rage for Pepper to stop Lockjaw.

3) Going Back in Time (Act I:D):

Loop 1. Uncle Fred begins a loop of fussing with the time machine, adjusting this and that while cursing Lockjaw and Pepper. Barking can be heard from the time machine. Loop 2. If Pepper tries to WALK out of the ROOM, Uncle Fred yells at her to stop, telling her that she has to get Lockjaw out of his machine. Loop 3. HAND on TARGET shows a Thought Balloon over Pepper's head of Lockjaw pulling the tablecloth off a table laden with breakfast dishes. Loop 4. Pepper looks up at her thought balloon. Loop 5. Pepper shrugs at the player. Loop 6. Pepper dives forward, grabbing Lockjaw's tail.

Animation Summary Continued:

3) Going Back in Time Continued:

Loop 7. They are both pulled into the time machine. Loop 8. Once they are gone, the target stops spinning. Loop 9. The microwave clears of Ben's image, and Pepper and Lockjaw appear there, falling through a time vortex. Loop 10. The microwave screen clears, then says 'Philedelphia, 1764'. Loop 11. Uncle Fred hops around shrieking for Pepper and Lockjaw to get out of his machine. Loop 12. Uncle Fred frantically adjusts the dials. Fade to Vortex Screen (p700).

2) Ben's Boyhood Time Jump (Act IV:C):

Loop 1. Fade in from in front of Ben's house. Uncle Fred is doing his 'Fiddling with the Time Machine loop, cursing Pepper all the while. Loop 2. The microwave screen is showing Pepper standing just outside of Ben's house. Loop 3. Uncle Fred adjusts the joystick, and a crosshair moves over Pepper's face. Loop 4. Uncle Fred triumphantly cackles 'Gotcha!' and depresses the FIRE button. Loop 5. The microwave screen darkens, then says 'Boston, 1717'. Loop 6. Uncle Fred groans and shakes his head, angry that he's just sent Pepper to Ben's boyhood. Fade to Ben's Boyhood/Swimming Hole (pic 500).

3) The London Time Jump (Act VI:C):

Loop 1. Fade in from in front of Ben's house. Uncle Fred is looking pretty unglued by now. It appears that he's added a few more pieces to his machine. He's looking at Pepper on the microwave screen. Loop 2. Uncle Fred grins maniacally, saying he thinks he's got her this time. He uses the joystick to target Pepper. Loop 3. Uncle Fred presses the FIRE button. Loop 4. The microwave screen fades to Ben's parlor. Ben is obvious, in the foreground. Loop 5. Uncle Fred shrieks in horror. Fade to Ben's London Parlor (pic 520).

4) The Constitutional Convention Time Jump (Act VI:E):

Fade in from Exterior Franklin House. Uncle Fred's attic is a total shambles. The machine has so many weird things attached to it that it looks like it will fly apart at any second. Uncle Fred is red-eyed and wild-haired. Loop 1. Uncle Fred is muttering like a crazy man as he toggles the joystick. Pepper is on the screen. Loop 2. Uncle Fred targets Pepper. Loop 3. Uncle Fred fires. Loop 4. The microwave screen shifts to the Constitutional Convention. Loop 5. Uncle Fred puts his head in his hands and blubbers. Fade to Constitutional Convention screen (pic 530).

5) Ending Cartoon Time Jump (Act VII:H):

Fade to Uncle Fred's Attic from the West Commons. Uncle Fred's machine has hit maximum density. Things are bristling all over it. A new, huge red button sticks out of the joystick, looking very much like something that would launch missiles. Uncle Fred looks absolutely mad. Loop 1. Uncle Fred has the joystick in his hands, aimed at Pepper and Lockjaw. He laughs wildly. Loop 2. Uncle Fred swears that he's really got Pepper and Lockjaw this time, and presses the button. Fade to Far Shot of Philedelphia (pic 200).

p200 - Long Shot of Philadelphia

1) Lockjaw in the Carriage (Act II:E):

We have just faded to the Far Shot from the West Commons, where Lockjaw has been kidnapped. Loop 1. General Pugh's carriage is seen bouncing along the road leading from town to Penn Mansion. Funny word balloons come up about what's happening in the carriage. Loop 2. When the carriage reaches the mansion, fade back to the West Commons screen.

Animation Summary Continued:

2) The Carrier Pigeon 1 (Act V:B):

We have just faded to the Far Shot from Ben's Attic. Loop 1. The Pigeon is seen flying from Ben's house to Penn Mansion. Fade to Ima's Boudoir.

3) The Carrier Pigeon 2 (Act V:C):

We have just faded to the Far Shot from Ima's Boudoir. Loop 1. The Pigeon is seen flying from Penn Mansion to Ben's House. Fade to Ben's Attic.

4) Pepper and Lockjaw Time Traveling (Act VII:H):

We have just faded to the Far Shot from Uncle Fred's Attic. Loop 1. A blur is slowly traveling from left to right across the screen. It is Pepper and Lockjaw, time traveling and yowling. The word 'Yeeeeeeooooow!' appears as art in bizarre letters attached to the blur. Loop 2. The numbers '1765' appear on the screen, looking rather like a pinball digit counter. Loop 3. The counter spins until it reaches 1776. (This is going on as the blur is moving across the screen.) Loop 4. A Colonial flag runs up the Franklin flagpole. Loop 5. Gunfire and explosions light the sky. Loop 6. The British flag on the Penn Mansion flagpole is lowered. Loop 7. A Colonial flag is raised on the Penn Mansion flagpole. Loop 8. The screaming blur finally reaches the right edge of the screen. A text msg comes up. Loop 9. The screen fades to black. Loop 10. The words 'Till next time...' appears on the black screen. Fade to Ending Credits.

p210 - West Commons

1) Liberty Bell Cartoon (Act II:B):

Loop 1. Pepper and Lockjaw drop out of the sky on top of a large bell that two sweating colonists are carrying. The colonists' clothes are part traditional, and part Hari Krishna. Loop 2. The bell hits the ground and cracks down the side. Loop 3. Pepper and Lockjaw land on the ground and lie there, too stunned to move. Loop 4. After a debate about what to do, the colonists pick the bell up and grunt their way offscreen. (left, most likely). NO TALKERS!

2) Giving Poor Richard a Drink (Act II:B):

Loop 1. Pepper TALKS on Poor Richard, and does her "microphone in the face" loop to him. Loop 2. If Pepper puts her HAND on the DIPPER, show her bending down and picking it up. Loop 3. If Pepper uses the DIPPER on the BUCKET, show her dipping it into the bucket and filling it with water. Loop 4. If Pepper uses the DIPPER on Poor Richard, show Pepper giving him a drink out of the dipper. Loop 5. After giving Poor Richard a drink, Pepper automatically puts the dipper back in the bucket.

3) Freeing Poor Richard (Act II:B):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the STOCKS, show Pepper setting him free. (She pulls the bolt and opens the stocks). Loop 2. Poor Richard stands up and thanks Pepper. (He might rub his neck or something as well.) Loop 3. Poor Richard hurries offscreen East. NOTE: Pepper cannot leave the screen without freeing Poor Richard. She can, however, free him without giving him a drink.

4) The Watchman Arrests Pepper (Act II:B):

Loop 1. As Poor Richard is exiting screen East, an angry Watchman strides in from the West. Loop 2. The Watchman stops near Pepper and shouts after Poor Richard, shaking his fist and turning red in the face. He then talks to Pepper. Loop 3. After their conversation, the Watchman arrests Pepper. Show him grabbing her up like a sack of potatoes. Loop 4. Lockjaw growls, and his fur sticks up. Loop 5. Lockjaw lauches and bites onto the Watchman's butt. Loop 6. The Watchman carries Pepper toward the shed, with Lockjaw still attached to his butt. (painfully. 'Ow! Ow! Ow! with each step). Fade to Shed. (room 230). NO TALKERS!

5) Lockjaw Hit by Carriage Cartoon (Act II:E):

Loop 1. Fade to West Commons. Pepper is standing near the alley entrance holding Lockjaw, who's still dressed as a baby. Loop 2. The carriage of General Pugh appears coming in from screen RIGHT, barreling down the road. Loop 3. A cat runs past. Loop 4. Lockjay launches out of Peppers arms, and runs after the cat. (his baby clothes fly off, and land behind a bush, or somewhere that the player can't get to them). Loop 5. The cat dives through the carriage wheel spokes, and comes out on the other side. Loop 6. Lockjaw tries to follow, and gets stuck in the carriage wheel spokes. He sticks there, and is spun around and around until the carriage stops. Loop 7. The carriage screeches to a halt. Loop 8. Lockjaw is ejected from the wheel and flies through the air, end over end. Loop 9. Pepper raises her hands to her face, horrified .Loop 10. Lockjaw lands on his butt heavily. His eyes are alternately spinning and alternately changing size. Stars are spinning around his head. Loop 11. The watchman looks over and sees Lockjaw. Loop 12. The watchman walks toward Lockjaw. Loop 13. The carriage door opens. Loop 14. General Pugh, Ima Pugh, and Percy get out of the carriage and semi-encircle Lockjaw. Loop 15. Ima sees Lockjaw. Her eyes grow huge, and she clasps her hands in joy. ('A doggie!) (The coachman stays put. There is some conversation here, including the 'it's dead' joke conversation). NO TALKERS!

6) Pepper Apprehended Cartoon (Act II:E):

Loop 1: (If Pepper WALKS toward Lockjaw, does HAND on Lockjaw, or does nothing and the timer expires, the Watchman recognizes her.) The watchman points at Pepper, then grabs her hat. Loop 2. Pepper's hair comes down. Loop 3. The watchman triumphantly seizes Pepper. Loop 4. Reset back to Pepper and Lockjaw first emerging from the alley.

7) Pepper Hides (Act II:E):

Loop 1. During the conversation about Lockjaw, The Watchman will look away from Pepper conspicously. Now is Pepper's chance to hide. Loop 2. The only place for Pepper to hide is behind the barrels. This is player controlled, but after she gets to the barrels, she should automatically crouch down behind them. She will stay there until after the Lockjaw cartoon is over. NOTE: The player should still be able to see her.

7) Lockjaw Cartoon Part II (Act II:E):

Loop 1. Ima picks up Lockjaw and clasps him to her bosom. Loop 2. Ima starts a "Baby Rocking" loop that continues until her tantrum. Loop 3. The watchman points accusingly at Lockjaw and declares he's a felon. Loop 4. The General turns angrily to the Watchman and tells him not to talk to Ima. Loop 5. The watchman slinks away. Loop 6. Ima says that she's going to keep Lockjaw forever. (she's still rocking him). The General spreads his hands in a pleading gesture and complains about Lockjaw. Loop 7. Ima throws a tantrum, stomping her feet and turning red. She is squeezing Lockjaw too tightly, so his eyes bug out and his tongue lolls. Loop 8. The General cringes. Loop 9. The General turns to Percy and shouts at him to put Lockjaw in the carriage. Loop 10. Ima looks at the player and smiles smugly. Loop 11. Percy opens the carriage door. Loop 12. Percy tries to take Lockjaw, but Ima won't let him. 'My doggie!' Loop 13. Percy, the General, and Ima (carrying Lockjaw) all get into the carriage. Loop 14. Percy shuts the carriage door. Loop 15. The Coachman cracks the whip. Loop 16. The carriage charges off screen LEFT. NO TALKERS--Only the 'Pepper Crying' inset. NOTE: All during the part of the cartoon where the carriage is standing still, the horses should be periodically doing 'horse loops'. (snorting, bobbing thier heads, etc.)

8) Next Visit After the Lockjaw Cartoon (Act III:A):

Loop 1. After Pepper leaves the screen, the next time she comes back the three REVELERS are here, laughing and shouting and tossing a frisbee back and forth between themselves. (The Revelers are dressed 60's-ish, and the Doctrine of Personal Mellowness should be visible on their persons. (Sticking out of their pockets, in their hatbands, etc.) Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS on any of the REVELERS, the frisbee game will pause and the Reveler will talk to her briefly. Loop 3. After a short conversation, the other Revelers will shout for the game to start again, and it will. NOTE: The Revelers playing frisbee are always here, until they're cured. Then they're reading books, sitting quietly under a tree.

9) Revelers Taxed (Act IV:A):

Loop 1. The first time Pepper enters the West Commons in Act IV, the Revelers will still be there playing frisbee. Loop 2. The two Tax Sentries walk up to the revelers and demand money. Loop 3. The revelers dig into their pockets (weird things could fall out of their pockets if you want) and hand over the money, giggling. (Maybe they don't give the sentries money at all. Maybe they give them love beads, old wine bottles, health food, etc). Loop 4. The tax sentries march off East. Loop 5. The revelers continue their game. NOTE: At this point in time, and until the end of the game, there will be Redcoat Sentries blocking the alley and the shed. Pepper can't go there at this time.

10) Pepper Cures the Revelers (Act IV:E):

Loop 1. The Revelers are noisily playing Frisbee on the West Commons. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the PROVERB on any of the REVELERS, he will stop playing and look at it. Loop 3. The other Revelers also stop playing and come over to see. Loop 4. The Revelers see the error of their ways. They shake thier heads, cover their faces with their hands, and do other 'contrite' actions. Loop 5. The Revelers walk to the tree they will sit under. Loop 6. The Revelers take books out of their coats. Loop 7. The revelers sit down. Loop 8. The revelers open their books and begin to read.

11) Pepper Gets Past the Sentries (Act V:D):

Loop 1. Pepper TALKS on the Sentries guarding the shed. They shake their heads 'no', cross their rifles, and don't let her in. Loop 2. The Sentries look at each other over Pepper's head, making 'crazy faces' and doing the classic 'crazy' gesture. (finger twirling by head). Loop 3. Pepper uses the KING'S LETTER on the SENTRIES. (She doesn't actually give them the letter, but that triggers her saying the password, 'BLOOEY'.) As soon as she's told them the password, Their faces turn chalk-white. Loop 4. The sentries straighten up 'at attention', and uncross their swords. Loop 5. One of the sentries smartly opens the shed door for Pepper. Loop 6. Pepper walks in. Fade to Shed Interior. (room 230)

12) Pepper and Deborah Get Past the Sentries (Act V:F):

Loop 1. The Sentries are standing on either side of the door. One Sentry is picking his nose, and the other is biting his nails. Loop 2. The Shed Door opens, and Pepper and Deborah emerge. Loop 3. Sentries goggle at Pepper and Deb comically. Loop 4. Sentry 1 jerks his thumb at Deb (how'd she get in there?) Loop 4. Pepper looks up at him and answers disbelievingly. Loop 5. Sentry 2 blusters and waves his arms. Loop 6. The conversation continues. Pepper verbally outmaneuvers the sentries. She looks angry and indignant. The continue to look confused. They should look around from time to time, as if they're wondering if anyone else is going to appear out of nowhere. Loop 7. Pepper wins the argument. She looks triumphant. Sentry 2 scratches his head. Loop 8. Deborah and Pepper walk away. (Deborah should have been looking demure during the entire argument.) Loop 9. The sentries rub their eyes. Loop 10. Sentry 1 hold up two fingers at sentry 2. '(how many fingers do you see?') Fade to Sitting Room in the Franklin House room 310).

Animation Summary Continued:

13) Pepper Cures the Revelers Part 2 (Act V:D):

Loop 1. When Pepper enters the West Commons carrying her Special Editions, the Revelers should be sitting under a tree, quietly reading books. (They are still dressed like hippies.) Loop 2. Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on one of the REVELERS. She hands it to him. Loop 3. The Reveler takes the Special Editon from her (Actually, he takes three of them) and hands the other two Special Editions to the other two Revelers. Loop 4. The Revelers read the Special Editons, muttering comments. Loop 5. The Revelers stand up and close their books, agreeing to help Ben protest, and thanking Pepper. Loop 6. The Revelers walk purposfully away. (Off screen RIGHT, toward Ben's house.)

p220 - East Commons

1) The Quarreling Sweethearts (Act III:A):

Loop 1. Whenever Pepper enters this screen after Act III, she will see two young sweethearts walking along together, arguing. (60's garb.) They wave their arms, go red in the face, and generally give each other a terrible time. Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS on the lovers, show her doing her "Microphone in the Face" thing. Loop 3. The lovers stop and talk to Pepper. Each one swears the other is wrong. Show them still gesturing and blustering. (She can interview each one). Loop 4. When Pepper is done interviewing them, they will continue on their 'Walking and Arguing' loop.

2) Pepper Finds the Marbles (Act III:B):

Loop 1. The marbles are at the base of the Hollow Tree. If Pepper puts her HAND on them, show her bending down and picking them up. They are now in inventory.

3) The Quarreling Sweethearts get Taxed (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. When Pepper enters this screen at the beginning of Act IV, the Sweethearts are doing their "Walking and Arguing" loop. Loop 2. The Tax Sentries (silly guys from Tax Stile) come marching in (from the East) officiously toward the Sweethearts. Loop 3. The Sweethearts pause to talk to the Tax Sentries. Loop 4. The Sweethearts argue over who is going to pay, waving their arms and hollering. Loop 5. The Sentries get mad--start to turn red and fume. They yell at the Sweethearts to shut up and pay up! Loop 6. Both the Sweethearts meekly pay the sentries. Loop 7. The Sentries march off screen LEFT. Loop 8. The Sweethearts resume their walking and arguing loop. NO TALKERS!

4) Poor Richard's Roadside Stand (Act IV:A):

The Roadside Stand is a small, mostly enclosed wooden structure. (See Corky's, corner of highways 41 and 49.) A sign on the stand advertises "Wood Cuttings" and "Proverbs While U Wait". Loop 1. Poor Richard is doing a 'wood carving' loop at the counter. (The key is hanging on a peg on the stand, NOT around his neck.) Loop 2. The first time or two Pepper TALKS to him, she does her "Microphone" thing. Loop 3. Poor Richard will stop his loop and chat with her. (She doesn't need anything from him now). Loop 4. When Richard is done talking to Pepper, he will resume his 'woodcarving' loop.

5) Get Key - Richard and Proverbs (Act IV:E):

Loop 1. Richard is doing his 'wood carving' loop. Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS on him, he will stop working and talk. Loop 3. During the "vices" conversation where Poor Richard is teasing Pepper, he should be bright-eyed and lively. Loop 4. Pepper should grow comically angry during this conversation, clenching her fists and turning red. Loop 5. When Poor Richard talks about Ben Franklin, he should cross his arms and sigh. (Generally look discouraged). Loop 6. Poor Richard goes back to his 'wood carving' loop. Loop 7. If Pepper does HAND on KEY, she will ask Poor Richard if she can have it. Richard again stops working to talk to her. Loop 8. After Richard agrees to give Pepper the key if she'll pass out the proverbs, show him handing Pepper a stack of three proverbs. They are now in inventory. Loop 9. If Pepper uses the PROVERBS on RICHARD, he will pause in his woodworking loop long enough to partially explain the proverb.

6) Curing the Quarreling Sweethearts (Act IV:E):

Loop 1. The Sweethearts are walking and arguing. Loop 2. Pepper uses the PROVERB on the Sweethearts. (either one will do). Loop 3. They stop and take it from her. Loop 4. As they read it, their arms should go around each other, and they should start to look contrite. Loop 5. The Sweethearts burst into tears, hugging each other and apologising profusely. Loop 6. The Sweethearts walk away, arm in arm, being disgustingly nice to each other. Loop 7. Pepper turns to the player and does a "Gag Me" finger-down-the-throat gesture. NOTE: If Pepper gives the Sweethearts (or any other colonists) the wrong proverb, they will stop, glance over it without taking it, then go their merry way.

7) Get Key - Richard and Proverbs Part II (Act IV:E):

Loop 1. Richard is doing his woodcarving loop. Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS on him, he pauses and comes to the counter to talk. Loop 3. If Pepper hasn't passed out all 3 proverbs, Richard will send her on her way, then go back to carving. Loop 4. If Pepper has passed out all 3 proverbs, then show Richard handing her a stack of 3 more proverbs. They are now in inventory. He tells her he'll give her the key when she comes back.

8) Get Key - Richard's Stand Vandalized (Act IV:E):

Poor Richard's booth is smashed and splintered. His workbench lies to one side, split in two. Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the KEY (which is lying on the ground), show her picking it up. It is now in inventory. Loop 2. If Pepper puts her HAND on the CARPETBAG (which is semi-concealed among the rubble), show her picking it up. It is now in inventory. NOTE: Pepper can come back for the Key and the Carpetbag any time after this act, if she doesn't find them right away.

9) Rescue Poor Richard - Letters (Act V:D):

The Stamp Act sign has torn loose from the Hollow Tree, and is flapping and generally attracting attention. A Heart with Initials is carved in the tree. If Pepper LOOKS at the Heart, bring up the Initials/Hidden Panel Inset. This consists of a heart carved into the wood of the tree. Inside the heart are Ben and Debbie's initials, and a prominint Knob.

10) Initials/Hidden Panel Inset (Act V:D):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the KNOB, show the heart-shaped door swinging open. (Then show the heart-shaped door standing open, and the heart-shaped hole in the tree.) Loop 2. If Pepper puts her HAND on the HOLE, show her hand reaching in and pull out the PUZZLE BOX. Loop 3. Exit the Inset. NOTE: After Pepper has the Puzzle Box and the inset is gone, show her closing the heart-shaped door.

11) Curing the Sweethearts Part II (Act V:D):

Loop 1. The Quarreling Sweethearts are doing a disgustingly sweet Walking and Cuddling loop. Loop 2. Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on the Sweethearts. (Either one). They stop and take the Special Edition from her. Loop 3. The Sweethearts read the Special Edition together. Loop 4. The Sweethearts first get angry, then have a repulsively sweet 'it wasn't YOUR fault, it was mine. No, mine!' conversation. Loop 5. Pepper turns to the player and makes a 'YECH!" face. Loop 6. The Sweethearts valientlysay they will join the protest. Loop 7. The Sweethearts exit screen LEFT (toward Ben's house).

12) Ending Cartoon (Act VII:H):

Pepper and Ben are standing in the foreground, watching the General and Ima get run out of town. Loop 1. The General (wigless and bald) and Ima (blue) go running past, looking over their shoulders. Loop 2. They are closely followed by the Quarreling Sweethearts, the Revelers, and any other colonist walkers we have available. The colonists are shouting and chasing them away. Loop 3. Ben and Pepper laugh. Loop 4. Pepper and Ben talk about the Stamp Act. Ben sighs, and says he thinks the king will really pass it. Loop 5. Pepper tells Ben she'll miss him, but she's sure things will work out. (looking sincere). Loop 6. Pepper turns to the player and winks. Loop 7. Lockjaw barks his agreement. Loop 8. Pepper and Lockjaw begin to shimmer. Pepper calls out to Lockjaw, and Lockjaw whines. Loop 9. Ben looks alarmed and calls out to Pepper. Loop 10. Pepper and Lockjaw fade away, saying goodbye to Ben. Fade to Uncle Fred's Attic (pic 140).

p230 - Shed Interior

1) Pepper Doesn't Cover the Window (Act II:C):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the HERBS before covering the window, show Pepper trying to climb the crate to get to them. Loop 2. The door opens and the Watchman comes in. Loop 3. The Watchman scolds Pepper, telling her the herbs are for the King's gout. Loop 4. He leaves again, threatening to spank her. Loop 5. If Pepper puts her HAND on the CRATES on the East wall, show her trying to push the crate. Loop 6. The Watchman will open the door and yell at Pepper. Loop 7. If Pepper tries to do one of these things again, she will get a text message telling her not to make the Watchman any madder, and a hint about the window.

2) Pepper Covers the Window (Act II:C):

Loop 1. HAND on HAMMER (On top of North Wall crate); show Pepper taking the hammer. It goes into inventory. Loop 2. HAND on CANVAS (On top of North Wall crate); show Pepper taking the canvas. It goes into inventory. Loop 3. Use HAMMER on NAILS (protruding from the window sill); show Pepper prying up the nails. They nails go into inventory. Loop 4. If Pepper uses the CANVAS on the WINDOW before getting the HAMMER and/or the NAILS gets a text msg saying that's a good idea, but Pepper has no way to tack the canvas to the window. Loop 5. If Pepper uses the CANVAS on the WINDOW after she has the HAMMER and the NAILS, show Pepper tacking the canvas up over the window with the hammer and the nails. Loop 6. The Watchman will ask her what she's doing (offscreen). Pepper tells him she's changing her clothes. (she looks a little smug). Loop 7. The watchman tells her to dress properly. When Pepper answers him, she looks cranky (teeth gritted, fists clenched). Loop 8. Lockjaw growls in the Watchman's general direction.

3) Pepper Gets the Herbs (Act II:C):

Loop 1. HAND on HERBS; show Pepper climbing up on the crate under the herbs. Loop 2. show Pepper reaching up and taking the herbs. They are now in inventory.

4) Pepper Moves the Crate (Act II:C):

Loop 1. HAND on the SMALL CRATE (East wall) shows Pepper pushing it, and the crate moving. The dirt under the Crate is darker brown than the rest of the floor. Loop 2. HAND on DIRT UNDER CRATE shows Pepper kneeling down and touching the dirt, along with a text msg that it's too hard for her to dig. NOTE: Throughout Pepper's activities in the shed, Lockjaw has just been sitting and watching her. He should be doing occasional 'doggish' things. (Turning to look at Pepper, scratching fleas, etc.)

5) Transition to Lockjaw (Act II:C):

After Pepper has covered the window and moved the crate, there will be a brief switch to Lockjaw as ego. Loop 1. Pepper looks discouraged. She turns to Lockjaw, and tells him she's going to take a nap. Loop 2. Pepper walks to the corner of the room. Loop 3. Pepper curls up in the corner and goes to sleep.

6) Lockjaw Digs a Tunnel (Act II:B):

Loop 1. As soon as Pepper falls asleep and player control is switched to Lockjaw, flash Lockjaw's icon bar on the screen briefly. Loop 2. Lockjaw's PAW on the CRATES shows Lockjaw bracing his paw on them and pushing, to no avail. He grunts and snarls with effort. Loop 3. Lockjaw gives up on the boxes and sits down panting for a moment. Loop 4. Lockjaw's NOSE on the CRATES; show Lockjaw sniffing the crates intently. Loop 5. Show a Thought Balloon over Lockjaw's head showing the herbs, the same ones that hang from the ceiling. Loop 6. Lockjaw's NOSE on Pepper; show Lockjaw sniffing Pepper's face. Loop 7. Show a Thought Balloon over Lockjaw's head of Pepper petting Lockjaw. Loop 8. Show Lockjaw licking Pepper's cheek. Loop 9. Lockjaw's PAW on Pepper; show Lockjaw pawing gently at Pepper. Pepper continues to sleep. Loop 10. Lockjaw whines worriedly. Loop 11. NOSE on DIRT UNDER CRATE; show Lockjaw sniffing the dirt. Loop 12. Lockjaw's eyes open wide with interest, and he grins. (maybe drooling a little). Loop 13. Show a Thought Bubble of a bone. Loop 14. PAW on the DIRT UNDER THE CRATE; show Lockjaw digging wildly, dirt flying everywhere. Loop 15. Soon Lockjaw burrows down into the ground and you can't see anything of him but his tail, but the dirt is still flying. Loop 16. Some of the flying dirt hits Pepper. Loop 17. Pepper wakes up, grins, and says 'good boy!' Loop 18. Pepper gets up. Loop 19. Pepper crawls into the tunnel after Lockjaw. Pepper and Lockjaw's tail dissapear. Fade to Back Alley screen.

7) Pepper Tries to Rescue Deborah (Act V:E):

Loop 1. When Pepper enters the shed, Deborah is in her 'Poor Richard' costume, pacing back and forth angrily. Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS on Deborah, she will respond, but she keeps pacing. She is obviously very angry, gesturing and stomping. Unless Pepper brings her Ben's love letters, Deborah will refuse to leave with her.

8) Pepper Rescues Deborah (Act V:F):

Loop 1. Deborah is still pacing. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the CARPETBAG on Deborah before showing her the love letters, show Pepper dramatically whipping Deborah's clothes out of the bag and shaking them at Deborah, saying she knows who she is. Loop 3. Deborah stops pacing and turns to Pepper, scornfully saying she doesn't care, and she'd rather hang than go back to Ben. Loop 4. Deborah goes back to pacing. Loop 5. If Pepper uses the CARPETBAG on Deborah after giving her the LOVE LETTERS, show Pepper dramatically whipping Deborah's clothes out of the bag with a wicked grin. Loop 6. Deborah jumps up from the box she was sitting on and grins back. Fade to West Commons screen. Loop 7. If Pepper uses the LOVE LETTERS on Deborah, show Pepper handing the letters to Deborah. She stops pacing and takes them. Loop 8. She starts reading them, still scowling. Loop 9. Deborah's face softens. She sits down on a crate, continuing to read. Her eyes mist, and she comments on Ben's way with words. Loop 10. Sniffing, Deborah holds the letters to her chest. Show a Thought Bubble over her head of a young Deborah and Ben sitting under a tree, gazing at each other. Loop 11. The Thought Bubble goes away. Deborah lovingly puts the letters in her jacket and turns to Pepper. Loop 12. If Pepper showed Deborah the CARPETBAG before giving her the LOVE LETTERS, she needs to do it again to remind her of her clothing. (see loop 5.) NOTE: If Pepper didn't get the herbs when she was here with Lockjaw, they will still be here, and she can take them now.

p240 - Back Alley

1) Pepper and Lockjaw Emerge from the Tunnel (Act II:D):

Loop 1. Pepper and Lockjaw struggle out from the tunnel into the alley. Loop 2. Pepper and Lockjaw stand up and look around. Loop 3. Lockjaw is triumphantly chomping one of the bones he found in the tunnel. Another of the bones sits at his feet.

2) Pepper Walks Out Undisguised (Act II:D):

Loop 1. If Pepper walks out undisguised, show the Watchman spinning around and looking at her. Loop 2. The Watchman's eyes bug out, and he grins and points with a triumphant, 'Aha!'. Loop 3. Show the Watchman grabbing Pepper and slinging her under his arm. Loop 4. Show Lockjaw biting onto the Watchman's butt and holding on. Loop 5. The guard carries them North then takes them offscreen East, walking painfully and saying 'OW! OW! OW!' Loop 6. Game reset - text msg about being more careful, then show Pepper and Lockjaw crawling out from the tunnel again. NOTE: The exact same sequence occurs if Pepper is disguised, but Lockjaw is not.

3) Pepper Throws a Bone to Lockjaw (Act II:D):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the BONE in Lockjaw's mouth, show her bending down and taking it. He should growl, more indignant then threatening. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the BONE on LOCKJAW, show her tossing it in a high arc. Loop 3. Lockjaw leaps high into the air and catches the bone Pepper tosses. Loop 4. Lockjaw lands on his butt. Loop 5. Lockjaw resumes chomping.

4) Pepper Tries to Reach the Disguise (Act II:D):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the UPPER CLOTHING, show her leaping into the air trying to reach it, but missing by a mile. Loop 2. If Pepper puts her hand on the LOWER CLOTHING, show her leaping up trying to reach it, but just barely missing.

5) Pepper And Lockjaw Get Disguises (Act II:D):

Loop 1. If Pepper uses the BONE on the BOY'S COLONIAL OUTFIT, show her throwing the bone at the outfit. Loop 2. Lockjaw's eyes bug out in the direction of the bone as she is throwing it. Loop 3. Show Lockjaw performing an amazing leap through the air after the bone. Loop 4. The bone lands in the Outfit's pocket. Loop 5. Lockjaw grabs the bone on the way down, pulling the clothing loose. Loop 6. Lockjaw lands on the ground with his bone, and the clothing is pulled down with him. The Boy's Colonial Outfit is now on the ground. Loop 6. Lockjaw pulls the bone out of the Outfit pocket, and resumes chomping. NOTE: The EXACT SAME sequence of events occurs if Pepper uses the BONE on the BABY SWADDLING. The only difference is that the Bone catches in te folds of the baby swaddling, rather than a pocket. NOTE: As the second outfit is pulled to the ground, the bone sails over the back wall and is gone. We don't want it to stay in inventory.

6) Outfits Pepper Can't Have (Act II:D):

Loop 1. If Pepper uses the BONE on the GIRL'S COLONIAL OUTFIT, show Pepper turning to the player with a disgusted look on her face. She says she'd never be caught dead in that outfit. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the BONE on any of the HIGH OUTFITS, show Pepper throwing the bone. Loop 2. Show Lockjaw leaping into the air after it, but not quite making it. A funny text msg will follow.

7) Disguising Pepper and Lockjaw (Act II:D):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the BOY'S COLONIAL OUTFIT when it's on the ground, show her bend down and pick it up. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the OUTFIT on PEPPER, show her turn to the player and grin sheepishly. Loop 3. Pepper goes behind the Big Crate. Loop 4. Pepper comes out from behind the Big Crate, dressed like a colonial boy, with her hair under the tricorner hat. Loop 4. If Pepper puts her HAND on the BABY SWADDLING when it's on the ground, show her bend down and pick it up. If Pepper uses the BABY SWADDLING on LOCKJAW, show her bend down and wrap him up in it. (He should look mildly disgusted.) Loop 5. Pepper picks Lockjaw up and holds him like a baby. Loop 6. Pepper automatically walks out of the alley carrying Lockjaw. Loop 7. They reach the Watchman, and he says, HALT! Pepper looks scared. Loop 8. The Watchman smiles and tickles Lockjaw's chin. Loop 9. Show Thought Balloon over Watchman's head, saying, "A mite ugly, poor little nipper." Loop 10. Show the watchman wave Pepper and Lockjaw on. They should automatically exit the screen (onto the West Commons).

p250 - Shop Fronts

1) Pepper Meets Penny (Act III:A):

Loop 1. The upper part of the half-door is open. If Pepper puts her HAND on the doorframe or door, show her knocking. Loop 2. Penny comes to the door and looks at Pepper suspiciously. (Penny is wearing 60's gear). Loop 3. Penny is counting her money, sifting coins between her hands. She tells Pepper she can't have any. Pepper can talk to her. Loop 4. When they are done talking, Penny goes back inside, but doesn't shut the upper half of the door.

2) Pepper Meets General Lee (Act III:A):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the doorframe or the door, show her knocking. Loop 2. General Lee Stuffed comes to the door, chewing on a leg of lamb. (He is wearing 60's gear.) Loop 3. With his mouth full (Gross-out, SeeFood!) he asks Pepper what she wants. Pepper can talk to him. (He will be eating the whole time). Loop 4. When they are done talking, General Lee goes back into the pub, but doesn't shut the upper half of the door.

3) Pepper Meets the Gambler (Act III:A):

Loop 1. The Gambler will be sitting in a regular spot on the screen, calling out offers of games of chance. (He is wearing MONDO 60's gear. His tricorner hat is pulled down almost over his face, and he is wearing round black "cheater" sunglasses.) Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS on the Gambler, he invites Pepper to play a game. He looks around him, and doesn't have any cards or dice or anything to play with. Loop 3. When Pepper mutters at him, he thinks she is hard of hearing and shouts. (Silly 'big-mouth' animation). NOTE: If Pepper has the marbles, she can play with him now. If not, he will be here every time she comes back.

4) Pepper Plays Marbles (Act III:B):

Loop 1. The Gambler is sitting in his usual spot. If Pepper uses the BAG OF MARBLES on the Gambler, show her dangling the bag at him, and asking if he wants to buy them. Loop 2. The Gambler's face lights up, and he invites Pepper to play marbles. Loop 3. Bring up "Sure, Why Not/Nah, I'll Keep The Marbles" inset. Loop 4. If Pepper says NO, erase the inset. The Gambler will invite her to come back any time. Loop 5. If Pepper says YES, erase the inset. Pepper agrees to play, and the Gambler is pleased. Loop 6. The Gambler draws a circle in the dirt, and explains the rules to Pepper. Bring up the MARBLES ARCADE inset. Loop 7. After play, erase the Marbles Arcade inset. If Pepper wins, the Gambler flips her a shilling. Loop 8. Pepper catches it, and he invites her to come back and play for practice any time. Loop 9. If Pepper loses, she doesn't get anything, but the Gambler invites her back to play for practice anytime. NOTE: Once Pepper has played for money once, the Gambler will never play her for money again. She can always practice with him, though.

5) The Marbles Arcade Inset (Act III:B):

The Marbles Arcade Inset shows a closeup of a large circle drawn in the dirt. Inside the circle there are six clay marbles of varying

colors and sizes. There will be a "Closeup Pepper Hand" on the screen to control the shooter. The object is to knock a designated number of the marbles out of the ring, using the shooter.

Animation Summary Continued:

6) Entering the Post Office (Act III:A):

All Pepper has to do is walk through the Post Office door to get to the Interior Post Office screen (pic 270).

7) Giving the Proverb to Penny (Act IV:E):

Loop 1. Penny will be standing at her doorway at the start of this act, counting her money. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the PROVERB on Penny, show Pepper handing it to her, and Penny snatching it greedily. Loop 3. Penny reads the proverb. Loop 4. Penny starts to look at her money and giggle, chiding herself for being such a miser. Loop 5. Penny starts laughing and tossing her money in the air. Loop 6. Penny thanks Pepper, and goes into her shop, telling Pepper she's going to go shopping. NOTE: The next time Pepper comes to see Penny, Penny's wearing and talking about a new, frivolous bonnet.

8) Giving the Proverb to General Lee (Act III:E):

Loop 1. When Pepper enters this screen, General Lee is sort of draped over his doorway, looking ill. (He has bubbles in front of his face, he's belching, his stomach is rumbling--basically, he has Heartburn from Hell.) Loop 2. If Pepper uses the PROVERB on General Lee, show her handing it to him. He take it from her weakly. Loop 3. General Lee reads the proverb. Loop 4. General Lee bursts into tears, swearing he's not a glutton. He interrupts himself by belching. Loop 5. Pepper rolls her eyes and asks what all he's eaten today. Loop 6. He rattles off a phenomenal list (ending with a wafer thin mint!), then realizes what a pig he's been. He vows never to eat so much again, and waddles away. NOTE: The next time Pepper sees him, he will be eating cottage cheese or a carrot or something.

9) Giving the Proverb to Roland (Act III:E):

Loop 1. Roland will be sitting in his usual spot. If Pepper uses the PROVERB on him, show her handing it to him, and him taking it. Loop 2. The Gambler reads the Proverb. Loop 3. The Gambler should hang his head and look ashamed. Loop 4. The Gambler looks at Pepper with determination, vowing never to play for money again. He will still play marbles, but not for ill-gotten gain. NOTE: If any colonist is given the wrong proverb, he or she will take it, look at it disinterestedly, and hand it back.

10) Using the Special Edition on Penny (Act VI:D):

Loop 1. Penny is standing in her doorway, twittering about her bonnet. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on Penny, Show Pepper handing it to her, and Penny taking it. Loop 3. Penny reads the Special Edition. Loop 4. Penny gets first is glad that Ben is better, then becomes indignant. She tells Pepper that she will go to the protest. Loop 5. Penny retreats into her shop, and shuts her half-door.

11) Using the Special Edition on General Lee (Act VI:D):

Loop 1. General Lee will be in his window, chewing on a stick of celery or some-such. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on him, show Pepper handing it to him, and General Lee taking it. Loop 3. General Lee reads the Special Edition. Loop 4. General Lee blusters and stomps around comically, vowing to go to the protest. Loop 5. General Lee excuses himself and shuts the Pub's door.

12) Using the Special Edition on Roland (Act VI:D):

Loop 1. Roland is in his usual spot, playing solitaire marbles or something. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on him, show her handing it to him, and Roland taking it. Loop 3. Roland reads the Special Edition. Loop 4. Roland puts away his marbles, and says he'll come to the protest. (Perhaps he pushes his hat back from his face, and actually looks at Pepper over his sunglasses.) Loop 5. Roland stands up. Loop 6. Roland says he has to go get ready, and exits East, toward the West Commons screen.

p 260 - Boutiques

1) Pepper Talks to Tattle (Act III:A):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the MILLENERY shop door, show her knocking on the half-door. Loop 2. Tattle comes up to the window and talks to Pepper. (Tattle is wearing a headband around her enormous wig, and is sporting lovebeads). Loop 3. If Pepper TALKS on Tattle, show her doing her 'Microphone in the Face' thing. Loop 4. Tattle will tell Pepper the latest gossip. She should shake her head over Lockjaw's kidnapping. Loop 5. When the conversation gets to the General's baldness, Tattle should look around, then lean forward and put her hand by her mouth the whisper to Pepper. Loop 6. Tattle should continue her stream of gossip, making comical gestures.

2) Pepper talks to Tattle part II (act IV:A):

Loop 1. Tattle should be standing at the door of her shop. Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS to Tattle, Tattle talks back. She should make "Big and Tall Wig gestures" when telling about the sentries. Loop 3. Tattle should look sly and confiding when she's telling Pepper about Deborah Franklin buying a wig that was too small for Ben.

3) Nellie Looks at Pepper (Act III:A):

Loop 1. When Pepper first enters this screen in Act III, The window under the Ye Sew 'n' Sew bangs open noisily. Loop 2. Nellie sticks her head out the window and looks around suspiciously. Loop 3. Nellie sees Pepper, glares at her, and snorts digustedly. 'Huh!' Loop 4. Nellie pulls her head back in. Loop 5. The window bangs shut.

4) Pepper Talks to Nellie (Act III:A):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the PEBBLES, show her bending down and scooping them up. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the PEBBLES on the WINDOW, show her drawing back and throwing them at the window. The strike the window and make a noise, but don't break it. (This could be done with shutters, too - whatever looks best). Loop 3. Show the window opening. Loop 4. Nellie sticks her head out the window and shouts at Pepper, looking mad. Loop 5. Pepper can TALK to Nellie. Show Pepper straining to hold her microphone up at Nellie. (she can't reach, of course. Loop 6. Nellie (wearing love beads) talks to Pepper, gesturing and looking generally cranky. Loop 7. After the conversation is over, Nellie slams the window shut.

5) Pepper looks into Ye Olde Sprouts and Rice (Act III:A):

Loop 1. Goodie should occasionally be visible through the window, bustling around with a cookie sheet in her hands or something.

6) Pepper Enters Ye Olde Sprouts and Rice (Act III:A):

If Pepper WALKS into the door of Ye Olde Sprouts and Rice, cut to Interior Ye Olde Sprouts and Rice screen (room 280). NOTE: This room may be an inset.

7) Goat and Cabbage (Act IV:D):

After Pepper has gotten the JAR of PICKLED CABBAGE (from Goody Gumdrops in the Sprouts and Rice screen). Loop 1. A goat is wandering down the street in front of the Boutiques, only during Act IV. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the JAR on the GOAT, show her opening the jar and dumping the cabbage in front of the goat. Loop 3. Show the goat looking happy to see the cabbage (eyes bug in surprise, etc) then greedily gobbling it. The empty jar is now in inventory.

8) Curing Tattle Part I (Act IV:E):

Loop 1. If Pepper uses the PROVERB on Tattle, show Pepper handing it to her, and Tattle taking it. Loop 2. Tattle reads the proverb. Loop 3. Tattle starts to bluster and babble, saying she isn't a gossip. Loop 4. Tattle stops mid-sentance and blushes deeply. Loop 5. Tattle quietly says she's going inside to think about it. Loop 6. Tattle disapears inside her shop. (She will be in the doorway the next time that Pepper enters this screen).

8) Curing Nellie Part I (Act IV:E):

Loop 1. Nellie will be in her window. If Pepper uses the PROVERB on Nellie, show her call out to Nellie and get her attention. Loop 2. Nellie will crossly say, "What do you want?" (The same thing will happen if Pepper TALKS on her, but she will still have to use the PROVERB on Nellie). Loop 3. Pepper tosses the PROVERB up to Nellie, who catches it. Loop 4. Nellie reads the PROVERB. Loop 5. Nellie gets bursts into tears, and apologises to Pepper for being so mean. Loop 6. Nellie says she's going to meditate on the error of her ways, and shuts her window.

9) Curing Tattle Part II (Act VI:D):

Loop 1. Tattle will be in her doorway. If Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on Tattle, show Pepper handing it and Tattle taking it. Loop 2. Tattle reads the Special Edition. Loop 3. Tattle looks determined and fierce--says she'll join the protest. Loop 4. Tattle shuts her door to get ready.

10) Curing Nellie Part II (Act VI:D):

Loop 1. Nellie is in her window, smiling and in a good mood. If Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on Nellie, show Pepper folding the Special Edition into a paper airplane. Loop 2. Pepper tosses the paper airplane up to Nellie. Loop 3. Nellie catches it, unfolds it, and reads it. Loop 4. Nellie nods in agreement, and says she'll join the protest. Loop 5. Nellie shuts her window to geet ready.

p270 - Post Office

1) Pepper Meets the Lazy Postal Clerks (Act III:A):

Loop 1. The Lazy Postal Clerks are folding the letters into airplanes and sailing them toward the mail sorting cupboard. They will occasionally mark the slate when one of them gets a "basket" into a mail bin. Their movements are incredibly slow and languid. Loop 2. When Pepper TALKS on them for the first time, show her doing her "Microphone in the Face" thing. Loop 3. The clerks will not stop playing, but they will talk with her. NOTE: Pepper can get the package at this point, or at any point later on.

2) Pepper Gets Ben's Package (Act IV:D):

Loop 1. The Postal Clerks are still throwing paper airplanes. Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS on the Mail Clerks, they just keep playing, explaining how Ben told them not to work hard anymore. Loop 3. If Pepper puts her HAND on the PACKAGE, she asks the Clerks if she can deliver it for them. Loop 4. Billy and Hidel grin at each other, then tell Pepper she can deliver the package if she'll help them sort the mail. Pepper agrees. Loop 5. Pepper automatically walks behind the counter. Loop 6. The clerks both fold paper airplanes, and hold them up, ready to throw. Loop 7. The clerks ask Pepper if she's ready, and she says yes. Loop 8. Bring up the MAIL SORTING arcade inset.

3) The Mail Sorting Arcade Inset (Act IV:D):

Loop 1. This is a view of the postal sorting cupboard, with little bins, each one with a label for each colony and one for England., with the counter in the foreground. Paper airplanes will sail in, landing on the counter. The addresses are written on the wings of the planes in colonial block letters. Pepper must read the name of the destination, pick up the plane (HAND on PLANE) and sail it at the proper bin. Loop 2. Once Pepper has done HAND on LETTER, A view of Pepper's hand holding the paper plane is now in the foreground. The Destination should still be visible on the wing. The player uses ARROW keys on the inset to aim the hand and plane. Loop 3. When they are lined up, the player hits a FLY PLANE button in the inset to sail it away. Loop 4. The plane will either go into a slot (right or wrong) or hit the boxes and bounce off. Loop 5. If the plane goes into the right slot, the Idles will cheer. Loop 6. If not, the Idles will boo, and the letter will go back into the pile of letters to be sorted. (There should be an AUTO SORT button for the players who don't want to do the arcade.) Loop 7. Here comes the Timing Aspect: Pepper will only have a certain amount of time to throw the plane before another plane will sail onto the counter. If she hasn't picked up the first plane, the second plane will hit it and knock it off the counter. It is lost. This doesn't affect whether or not Pepper gets the package (she always does) but it will probably cause points to be lost. How fast the planes come depend on whether the player has picked "Easy" or "Hard". Loop 8. When the player is through, erase the inset. Loop 9. If Pepper wins, the Idles congratulate her. Loop 10. If Pepper loses, they tease her a little bit. Loop 10. Either way, they give her the package to deliver.

4) Giving the Proverb to the Idles (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. Billy and Hidel will still be playing their airplane game. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the PROVERB on the Idles (Either one), show her handing it to them, and them taking it. Loop 3. The Idles put their heads together (so to speak) and read the proverb. Loop 4. A slow blush creeps over their faces, until they're both beet red. Loop 5. They say how ashamed they are, and hang their heads. Loop 6. As Pepper leaves, the Idles start cleaning up and sorting the mail. Maybe they do this really fast, in a 'cartoon blur' sort of thing.

5) Giving the Special Edition to the Idles (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. The Idles are busily sorting mail. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on the Idles, show her handing one to each of them, and the Idles taking them. Loop 3. The Idles read the Special Edition. Loop 4. The Idles get very indignant. They are glad Ben is better, but angry at the Stamp Act tax. They vow to come to the protest. Loop 5. If Pepper doesn't leave, the Idles will politely tell her they need to get ready, and want to close up the Post Office. NOTE: After this act, the Post Office will always be closed.

p280 - Ye Olde Sprouts and Rice

1) Pepper Meets Goody (Act II:A):

Loop 1. Pepper enters the shop, and Goody smiles at her from behind the counter, holding up a tray of steaming cabbage cookies. The cookies are disgusting-looking oozy green lumps. Loop 2. Goody asks if Pepper would like one. Loop 3. Trying not to look disgusted, Pepper declines, then does her 'Microphone in the Face' thing. Loop 4. Goody sets down the tray on the counter, and talks to Pepper. Loop 5. Goody will converse pleasantly with Pepper until she leaves. Loop 6. Goody waves at Pepper as she leaves.

2) Two Boys Getting Taxed Cartoon (Act IV:A):

Loop 1. The first time Pepper enters Ye Olde Sprouts and Rice in Act IV, two young boys are there already. (This is a computer controlled cartoon). The older one, James, is carrying a book, and the younger one, Nathan, is carrying a ball. They are showing Goody the penny they have to purchase the Daily Special. Loop 2. Goody tells them the Daily Special is Cabbage Cookies. Loop 3. The boys hand over their penny, and Goody gives them each a cabbage cookie. Loop 4. The boys bite into their cookies. They turn green, look disgusted, gag, etc., but swallow the bite anyway. (They are trying to be polite to Goody.) Loop 5. After the boys have returned to normal, the General walks outside the window and looks in with a suspicious expression. Loop 6. The General strides into the room, right up to the boys. Loop 7. The General sticks out his hand, demanding taxes of the boys. Loop 8. The boys hand over their cabbage cookies. Loop 9. The General bites one of the cookies, then spits it out and throws the cookies on the floor. Loop 10. The General snatches James' book and Nathan's ball. Loop 11. The general exits, chortling to himself. Loop 12. The boys shrug at each other sadly, and walk out. Loop 13. Goody shakes her head sadly, lamenting the cabbage cookies, then asks Pepper what she can do for her. Control goes back to the player. Loop 14. If Pepper TALKS on her, Goody will chat with her.

3) Pepper Gets the Jar from Goody (Act IV:D):

Loop 1. Goody is behind the counter. She smiles at Pepper and asks what she can do for her. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the RECIPIE (from Ben's sitting room, pic 310) on Goody, show Pepper handing it to Goody. Loop 3. Goody takes it and reads it. Loop 4. Goody clasps her hands for joy. Loop 5. Goody thanks Pepper, then her face falls. (Flies have begun to buzz around) She is sad because she has no chocolate to bake with. She also complains about the flies, and the fact that Ben took the fan off the rocking chair he made her. Loop 6. Goody tells Pepper she wants to give her something. She reaches under the counter, and pulls out the JAR, currently full of pickled cabbage. Loop 7. She hands the jar to Pepper. Loop 8. Pepper thanks Goody.

4) Giving Goody a Special Edition (Act VI:D):

Loop 1. Goody is standing behind the counter when Pepper enters. Goody greets Pepper. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the SPECIAL EDITION on Goody, show Pepper handing it to Goody, and Goody taking it. Loop 3. Goody reads the Special Edition. Loop 4. Goody grins and claps her hands. She is delighted that Ben is back to normal. Loop 5. Goody thanks Pepper, and excuses herself. Loop 6. Goody goes back behind the shelves and is gone. NOTE: the next time Pepper comes in, Goody is back.

5) Fixing Goody's Rocking Chair (Act VII:A):

Loop 1. When Pepper comes in, Goody will be behind the counter, looking hot and miserable and swatting at flies. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the FAN taken from Ben's garden (pic 330) on Goody's ROCKING CHAIR, show Pepper snapping the fan into place on the pipe sticking up from the back of the chair. Loop 3. Goody is delighted. If Pepper has already given her the CHOCOLATE and the RECIPIE, she will immediately begin baking. If not, she will give text hints about what she needs.

6) Giving Goody the Chocolate (Act VII:A):

Loop 1. If Pepper has already fixed Goody's chair, she will be in it rocking. If not, she will be behind the counter swatting flies. Loop 2. If Pepper uses the CHOCOLATE on Goody, show Pepper handing it to her, and Goody taking it delightedly. Loop 3. If Goody has the fan and the recipie already, she will immediately begin baking. If not, she will give text hints.

7) Goody Bakes the BonBons (Act VII:A):

Loop 1. Goody takes the chocolate and goes back behind the shelves. Loop 2. Maybe we could have puffs of flour, tiny drops of flying batter, stuff like that while Goody is baking. (This is a time compression--An easy way to do this would be to show Pepper "appear" in several different places in the room in "waiting" positions.) Loop 3. Goody emerges with a big tray of bonbons. Loop 4. Goody sets them on the counter. Loop 5. Goody scoops a good-sized portion of them into a box. Loop 6. Goody gives the box of bonbons to Pepper. Loop 7. Show Pepper taking the BonBons. They are now in inventory.

p290 - The Tax Stile

1) Tax Sentries Instruction Cartoon (Act IV:B):

The first time Pepper enters the Tax Stile screen in Act IV, General Pugh will be there, trying to give the two sentries instructions. Percy is standing by, looking worried. There is already a small pile of things taken from the colonists sitting next to the stile. Loop 1. The sentries are straining in concenration, brows knitted, while the General taps his foot impatiently. They are talking. Loop 2. The General is getting mad. He turns red and shouts. Loop 3. Sentry 1 scratches his head, trying to get it. Loop 4. The General gets madder still, waving his arms and bellowing. Loop 5. The sentries still don't get it. The General is now literally hopping mad. Loop 6. The Sentries become offended, crossing their arms and looking superior. Loop 7. The General sags, looking relieved. (They finally seem to have understood). Loop 8. Sentry 1 looks sly and rubs his hands together, saying they get to pocket the money. Loop 9. The General is furious. Steam might be coming out of his ears, etc. Loop 10. Percy steps forward, and tells the Sentries the verse they should remember. Loop 11. The Sentries, concentrating hard, recite the verse. Loop 12. The General looks exasperated, but relieved. Loop 13. The General and Percy walk away from the Sentries a short distance, perhaps toward the camera. The Sentries are busily reciting their verse. Loop 14. Percy stage-whispers to the General that the Sentries are a little daft. The General is still looking kind of cranky when he replies. Loop 15. Percy smiles and congratulates the General on putting the tax stile in front of Ben's house. Loop 16. The General rubs his hands together and gloats.

2) Tax Sentries Cartoon Part II (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. As the General and Percy are gloating, a family of poor farmers consisting of a man, his wife, and two children, (a little girl and a little boy) enter from the EAST and walk up to the Stile. The little girl is carrying a rag doll. The man is carrying a basket of rutabagas. Loop 2. Sentry 1 calls out to the family and makes them stop. Loop 3. The man protests that he has no coin to give the Sentries. Loop 4. The Sentries take the basket of rutabagas. Loop 5. The Sentries put the basket beside the Stile, where a mountain of things stolen from the colonists will build up. Loop 6. The family sadly trudges through the Stile. Loop 7. General Pugh calls out for them to stop. They do. Loop 8. General Pugh takes the little girl's doll, and puts it with the basket. Loop 9. The little girl bursts into tears. Loop 10. General Pugh waves the family on. They exit West, in the direction of town. Loop 11. The General threatens the Sentries not to slip up again. Loop 12. The General and Percy exit West, back toward the East Commons.

3) Pepper Tries to Get Past the Sentries (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the STILE, or even WALKS too close to it, the Sentries will tell her to halt. Loop 2. The Sentries question Pepper. She gives them glib answers, and they start looking more and more confused. Loop 3. The Sentries get frustrated and start calculating on their fingers, counting and arguing. Finally they tell her to give them a shilling. Loop 4. give her till the count of ten to give them a shilling. (She can give them one, if she has one, and get through at any time). The Sentries lose count somewhere around six. Loop 5. The sentries argue for a moment, then give up. The cross their arms and look cranky.

4) Pepper Tries to Get Past the Sentries II (Act IV:B):

At this point, Pepper can either go find the Gambler and win a shilling, or stay and confuse the sentries. Loop 1. Pepper TALKS on the Sentries. She does her "Microphone in the Face" thing. They recite their verse. Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS on them a second time, she begins to confuse them. They look irritated, then shake their heads, as if trying to clear them. Loop 3. Pepper TALKS on them a third time, and tells them about the 'General's Ball'. They look put out. Loop 4. Pepper tells them about the 'Wig both Big and Tall', and they start to get excited. Loop 5. Pepper really pours it on, throwing her arms out and reciting dramatically. Loop 6. The Sentries turn to each other and talk excitedly about getting wigs. Loop 7. The Sentries pick up their pile of goodies (turn their backs to the camera, bend down, and make the pile 'disappear'. They leave behind a piece of TIN, which Pepper can pick up at any time. Loop 8. The Sentries exit West, toward the East Commons screen, leaving the Stile unmanned. Loop 9. Pepper turns to the camera, shrugs and grins, saying she 'had to do it. It was too easy'. NOTE: If Pepper leaves and comes back, the pile 'o stuff will be bigger. We could do this two or three times, until the pile is really ridiculous. NOTE: If Pepper used the shilling the first time through, she cannot get another. The next time she wants to go to the Franklins' house, she will have to confuse the sentries. Once the leave to go wig shopping, they are gone for the rest of the game.

5) Pepper Picks Up the Tin (Act IV:B):

After the Sentries drop the TIN, Pepper can pick it up at any time. It will be there until she does. Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the TIN, show her bend down and pick it up. It is now in inventory.

p300 - Exterior Franklin House

The following actions occur on this screen:

1) Pepper sees a puppy playing in the front yard (Act III:D): It runs under the porch and out of sight. (She can't do anything with it--it's just to lead her to Ben's house, and to make her think of Lockjaw).

2) Pepper knocks on the door (Act III:D): (HAND on DOORKNOCKER)

3) The door opens--Deborah Franklin is there Act III:D): Pepper TALKS to Deborah. Deb will tell Pepper that she doesn't want to let her in unless she can help Ben. The first time Pepper talks to her, Deborah talks for a long time. Every time after that, Deborah just asks her what she wants, waits for a few moments, then slams the door (if Pepper doesn't have the book yet).

4) Package (Act III:D): Pepper gives Ben's package (picked up at the Post Office) to Deborah. BOOK on DEBORAH. Deborah lets her in.

5) Entering and Exiting Anytime: After Pepper has gained Deborah's trust, Deb gives Pepper free reign of the house. This means she can come and go by herself (HAND on DOORKNOB) without having to knock. (saving gobs 'o animation).

6) Time Jump Animation 1 (Act IV:B): The first time Pepper leaves the Franklin house, she time jumps to Ben's boyhood.

7) Pepper reappearing after time jump 1 (Act IV:D): (She lands on front Lawn, or whatever works best).

8) Time Jump Animation 2 (Act VII:C): When Pepper leaves the Franklin house after fixing the printing press (ready to distribute papers) she time jumps to London.

9) Pepper reappearing after time jump 2 (Act VII:D).

10) Time Jump Animation 3 (Act VII:E): When Pepper returns to Ben's house after distributing the newspaper, she time jumps to the Constitutional Convention.

11) Getting into Ben's house with Old Ben (Act VII:E): Pepper knocks--it's locked. Pepper LOOKS in the keyhole. She tells Ben there's a Door Key in the lock on the other side. Pepper picks up a Stick she finds by the front door and pushes it into the keyhole, knocking the Door Key out onto the floor. Then she uses the magnet on the bottom of the door to pull the Door Key out from under the door. She uses the Door Key on the door, and it opens. Ben gives Pepper a Chocolate bar, and she bites it, then dissolves (or whatever she does) back into 1764.

13) Pepper reappearing after time jump 3 (Act VII:F).

Time Ad-To Pics

Because the player will see Ben's house in 1764 and 1785, the passage of time should be evident. The primary indicator should be the Tree. (The house too, if possible).

1764 - Tree

The tree should be big, but not quite a mature tree.

1764 - House

The house should be in excellent repair. Ben is very prosperous at this point.

1785 - Tree

The tree should be bigger and wider--generally older looking.

1785 - House

The house should be in less-than-perfect shape. Maybe the paint is peeling a little, and the rain gutter is cracked. It's older, and Ben is no longer strong enough to work on it.

p310 - Franklin House: Sitting Room

The following actions occur on this screen:

1) First visit (Act III:D): Deborah and Pepper enter the sitting room. Deborah talks with Pepper. Sally comes through the bead curtain to ask about getting Ben more hot water. Deb tells her no--she goes back through the curtain. Deb picks up her carpet bag and leads Pepper into the Work Room to meet Ben.

2) After talking to Ben (Act IV:B): (Pepper needs hot water) Sally is sewing. She will verbally prevent Pepper from taking the matches and lighting the stove. Pepper should exit to the garden to find a tomato to create an "emergency".

3) Pepper returns with the Tomato (Act IV:B): She uses it on herself (TOMATO on PEPPER). She squashes it all over, simulating blood, then runs around wildly, waving her arms and hollering that she's dying. Sally leaps up, grabs the matches, and lights the stove.

4) Sideboard: If at any time Pepper opens the sideboard (HAND on Sideboard) she opens it and sees the recipie card bundle, and lone recipie. She can look at the bundle, but not take it. She should take the single card and put it in inventory.

5) After Deborah's capture (Act V:B): Ben and Sally will be in the sitting room. Sally is sewing, and Ben is pacing.

6) When Pepper returns with the captured Deborah (Act V:G): Ben and Sally (who are still sewing and pacing) leap up to hug her. Sally kisses Ben on the cheek. Deborah and Sally retreat to their rooms through the west wall door. Ben asks Pepper to follow him, then gets up and goes into his Work Room.

p320 - Franklin House: Ben's Work Room

The Following Actions Occur on This Screen:

1) First Visit (Act III:D): Sally is sweeping up. She stops and stands back as Deb leads Pepper through to the Garden.

2) Pepper Comes Back from Talking to Ben for First Time (Act IV:B): Sally is again sweeping. (Pack of wooden matches is in her pocket). Pepper TALKS on Sally, and Sally talks with her. Sally looks around the shop while talking. Sally tells about the kite/key schematic, then finishes sweeping and puts the broom aside. She curtsies and leaves (south) to go to the sitting room and sew.

3) After Sally Leaves (Act IV:B): Pepper can LOOK at and TAKE the schematic from Ben's worktable. It goes into inventory.

4) Finding the Stopper (Act IV:D): When Pepper LOOKS in the correct barrel, she will get a text msg telling her that it holds rubber stoppers. Show Pepper taking rubber stopper.

4) After the KiteKey Experiment (Act V:B): Pepper needs to get to the HATCH and thereby reach the attic. She can USE the STEPSTOOL (Taken from the wreck of Ben's hot tub) on the STAIRCASE, then put her HAND on the STAIRCASE to climb it. (Show Pepper placing stool at base of stairs, then climbing them.) She doesn't have to put her HAND on the HATCH--she'll just automatically open it once she's climbed up.

5) Pepper climbs back down the stairs. (Act V:D).

6) After Deborah is Rescued (Act VI:B): Pepper enters workroom to find Ben hunched over his table, trying to write. He looks up to talk to Pepper, then turns back to his writing. She can then give him the KING'S LETTER. (Actually she can do that as soon as she gets to the workroom if she wants.) KING'S LETTER on BEN gets an animation of Pepper handing him the letter. Ben reads the letter. He writes the rest of his pamphlet excitedly, then jumps up to print it. He discovers that the lever is gone, and asks Pepper to find it. Then his starts setting the type on the printing press.

7) Use Lever (Act VI:B): Pepper uses the LEVER on the PRINTING PRESS. Show her attaching it to the press. (She got if from the wreck of the hot tub. If she doesn't have it yet, she can go to the garden and get it now.)

8) Ben Prints (Act VI:B): Ben, who is finishing up his typesetting, thanks Pepper. He then prints out a bunch of Special Editions. (Show printing press rolling, etc). He puts the stack of Special Editions on his worktable, telling Pepper to distribute them to everyone. He then sits down and goes back to writing. Show Pepper taking the Special Editions.

9) After Special Editions are Distributed (Act VI:F): Ben is finishing repairing the fried KITE from the kite/key experiment. He tells her how to use it (in the river), then hands Pepper the kite. He puts on a coonskin hat, then exits south to go organize a protest.

p330 - Franklin House: Garden/Hot Tub

1) First Meet Ben (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. Deborah walks in with Pepper, carrying the carpet bag. Loop 2. She sets down the carpet bag, puts her hands on her hips, and yells at Ben. Loop 3. Ben sits up suddenly, splashing water. Loop 4. The Attachments (backstratcher, fan, paddles, etc. are all GOING. They move, doing their thing. (They don't have to do this all the times that Pepper is in this room, but we want to show off what they do. Loop 5. Deborah covers her face with her hands in disgust. (mock weeping). Loop 6. She picks up her carpet bag and exits East.

2) Alone With Ben (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. Ben settles down in his hot tub and closes his eyes to meditate. Loop 2. If Pepper TALKS to Ben, he opens his eyes and sits up to talk to her. Loop 3. Ben takes the Doctrine of Personal Mellowness off the arm and hands it to Pepper. Loop 4. Pepper angrily snatches the pamphlet out of his hands. Loop 5. After their conversation, Ben once again settles down into the tub and closes his eyes. Loop 6. If Pepper uses the Electricity Book on Ben, he opens one eye and says he's not interested. Loop 7. Show Pepper holding the Schematic for the Kite/Key experiment out to Ben. He looks at it, but doesn't take it.

3) Pepper Creates an Emergency (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. When Pepper puts her HAND on the TOMATO, show her bending down and picking it up.

4) After Pepper's Emergency (Act IV:B):

Loop 1. Ben is relaxing in his hot tub. Steam is rising from the tub, and hot water is pouring into the tub from an overhead pipe. (Coming from the wood stove). Loop 2. Ben gives a hearty sigh of pleasure. He stays in this "kicked back" position throughout his discussion with Pepper.

5) Getting the Ingredients for the Leyden Jar (Act IV:D):

Loop 1. Show Pepper bending down and TAKING the STRING. (red herring-not useful object.) Loop 2. Show Pepper bending down and taking the IRON ROD. NOTE: Pepper can find these items any time she is in the garden.

6) Giving the Experiment Ingredients to Ben (Act IV:D):

Loop 1. Pepper shows Ben the KITE, then sets it down on the side of the hot tub. Loop 2. Pepper shows Ben the ORDINARY STRING (from Garden) and he tells her it's the wrong stuff. She sets it down on the side of the hot tub. (Away from the other ingredients. Loop 3. Pepper shows Ben the SILK STRING (Found in front of Penn Mansion), then sets it on the side of the tub. Loop 4. Pepper shows Ben the IRON ROD (Found in the Garden) then sets it on the side of the Hot Tub. Loop 5. Pepper shows Ben the LEYDEN JAR, then sets it on the side of the tub. Loop 6. If Pepper shows Ben the INCOMPLETE LEYDEN JAR INGREDIENTS, he won't know what they are, and she can't set them down until she has them all. Loop 7. Pepper shows Ben the KEY (given to her by Poor Richard), and she sets it by the side of the tub.

NOTE: These "Giving the Experiment Ingredients to Ben" loops can happen in any order. The kite/Key ingredients should form a pile on the side of the hot tub when Pepper is through showing them. Loop 8. If any ingredients are missing, Ben will fall asleep (eyes closed, relaxed) and won't help until all objects are present.

6) Magical Storm (Act IV:D):

Loop 1. The first Kite/Key experiment item Pepper lays down on the edge of the Hot Tub will cause a misty cloud to appear over Ben's head. Every item she lays down after that will cause the cloud to get progressively darker and darker, until it looks like a thundercloud. Loop 2. When Pepper places the last item, little lightening bolts zap out of the cloud. The cloud is only over Ben's head, cartoon-style. Ben doesn't notice the cloud over his head at all.

7) Pre-Kite/Key Cartoon (Act IV:F):

Loop 1. When Pepper hands last piece of the Experiment to Ben, first part of the cartoon is triggered. Ben sighs heavily, and agrees to do it. The Storm Cloud over his head is rapidly growing. Loop 2. Pepper impatiently hands Ben the Schematic, and he takes it. The storm cloud continues to grow. Loop 3. There is a tremendous clap of thunder. Flash the whole screen black or yellow, then cut to Inset.

8) Kite-Key Inset Cartoon (Act IV:F, Pic 740):

Loop 1. The inset comes up, showing Ben flying the completed kite and Pepper standing beside him. The key trails from the end of the kite string, and Pepper is holding the Leyden jar next to it. The wind is blowing and the sky in the inset is dark. (Ben's thundercloud). Loop 2. Ben explains to Pepper how the experiment works. Loop 3. Lightening strikes the kite and electricity runs down the kite string, strikes the key, electrifies the bottle, and makes Ben's hair stand on end. Loop 4. Ben is knocked flat. Loop 5. A second bolt quickly follows and jumps out of the inset in a big explosion. Loop 6. Erase inset.

8) Aftermath of Kite/Key Cartoon (Act IV:F):

Loop 1. The hot tub is now a black, smoking ruin. (Show smoke rising up from it). The attachments (book arm, paddles, stepstool, etc.) are now sitting on the remains of the tub. Pepper and Ben are lying on the ground, surprised but unhurt. Loop 2. Ben gets up off the ground. His love beads have been knocked off, and his whole demeanor is more like that of the traditional Ben Franklin. Loop 3. He turns and looks at the totalled hot tub, and makes a comment. Loop 4. He looks down at his hippy clothes, looking rather stunned. Loop 5. Ben exits East (into the house), calling for his wife.

9) Plundering the Hot Tub (Act V:B):

Loop 1. Show Pepper taking the BACKSCRATCHER. Loop 2. Show Pepper taking the FAN. Loop 3. Show Pepper taking the PADDLES. Loop 4. Show Pepper taking the LEVER. Loop 5. Show Pepper taking the STEPSTOOL. NOTE: Pepper can take these items in any order, and at any time after the hot tub explodes.

p350 - Penn Mansion/Sentries/River

The following actions occur on this screen:

1) Every Time: The sentries ask Pepper for something to eat.

2) Pepper Tries to Pass (Anytime, or Act VII:B): If Pepper tries to walk past them, or put her hand, the kite, or the paddles in the river, they block her way.

3) Bonbons (Act VII:B): When Pepper gives them the bonbons, they have a wild sugar rush and leap around, maybe even "blurring" because they're moving so fast, until they run into the Big Tree and knock themselves out.

4) Swimming (Act VII:B): If Pepper just does HAND on river or WALK on river, she will get into the river and swim a little ways. Then the redcoats along the river will hear her and spot her for a tresspasser. This results in a game reset back to the riverbank.

5) Paddling (Act VII:B): Exactly the same thing happens if Pepper uses the PADDLES on the river. She will get a little way, the redcoats will hear her, and it's reset city.

6) Kite (Act VII:B): If Pepper uses the KITE on the river, she will fly the kite. When it's aloft, she gets into the river and the kite pulls her silently along. She gets pulled offscreen, behind the mansion. The stunned sentries make a comment about the kite as she cruises away.

7) Kite String (Anytime): At some point, Pepper will need to get the kite string out of the tree. The sentries will make fun of her. (That part may be just talkers).

8) Chocolate (After Act VI:E):Pepper can try to give the chocolate she got from Ben to the sentries. They won't take it. They'll complain about it being common, or maybe they just have heartburn at the moment. (this may be just talkers).


Pepper Gives the Sentries Pickled Cabbage (Act IV:D)

9) Pepper gives the Sentries Pickled Cabbage (Act IV:D):

If Pepper doesn't feed the cabbage to the goat in room 260, she can empty the jar by trying to give the cabbage to the sentries. Loop 1. If Pepper uses the JAR on the SENTRIES, (either one) show her handing it to the Sentries, and they greedily grab it. Loop 2. The Sentries open the jar. Loop 3. The Sentries each pull out a big green handfull and stuff it in their mouths. Loop 4. The Sentries turn green, make comical 'disgusted' faces. Loop 5. The Sentries spit the cabbage on the ground. Loop 6. The Sentries throw the jar to the ground (but it bounces on the grass and doesn't break). Loop 7. The Sentries spit, wipe their tongues with their ruffles, and shake their fists at Pepper, threatening her with dire consequences if she ever gives them something that repulsive again. Pepper can now put her HAND on the empty jar, and it will go into inventory.

p360 - Back of Penn Mansion

1) Pepper Gets Caught (Act VII:B):

When this scene fades in, Pepper is standing in the extreme foreground, on the Mansion side of the river. She has a 'wet rat' look about her. Loop 1. If Pepper WALKS across the lawn (not to the closest tree) puts her HAND on a tree other than the closest one, or tries to go to any tree out of sequence, show her walking out into the open. Loop 2. The Redcoat Sentries leap up and point at her. One shouts 'AHA!' and the other one shouts 'Get 'er!' Loop 3. The Redcoats start to run across the lawn toward Pepper. Loop 4. Pepper turns towards the player. Loop 5. She grins an embarrased grin and says 'Oops! Sorry!' Loop 6. Reset to Pepper standing on the riverbank.

Animation Summary Continued:

NOTE: Pepper should get caught if she tries to go back toward the river, or along the house toward the Redcoats after she reaches the last tree.

2) Pepper Gets Into the Mansion (Act VII:B):

Loop 1. If Pepper WALKS or puts her HAND on the nearest tree, show her sneaking on her tiptoes to the tree and hiding behind it. She should progress to the next closest tree, then the next, etc. until she reaches the last tree. NOTE: THIS IS A SPECIAL SNEAKING WALKER, NOT JUST PEPPER WALKING. Loop 2. When Pepper puts her HAND on the GENERAL'S WINDOW, show her crawling into the study. Cut to the General's Study Interior (pic 370).

p370 - General Pugh's Study

1) Lockjaw Explores the Study (Act V:C):

Loop 1. Lockjaw can walk around the study exploring for awhile. There is no fire in the grate now, since Lockjaw came through the fireplace! LOOK on LEATHER SLIPPERS gets a message that these are the favorite slippers. Loop 2. NOSE on SLIPPERS gets a Thought Balloon above Lockjaw's head, showing Lockjaw happily chewing the slippers. Loop 3. PAW on SLIPPERS; show Lockjaw pawing the slippers experimentally. Loop 4. After pawing the slippers, show Lockjaw turn to the player and grin. 'Mmmm!' Loop 5. TEETH on SLIPPERS; show Lockjaw pick up one of the slippers in his mouth. Loop 6. Lockjaw takes the slipper under the General's desk. Loop 7. Lockjaw lies down on his belly and starts chomping the slipper. Loop 8. If the player doesn't do TEETH on SLIPPERS in a reasonable amount of time, they will get a text msg that Lockjaw hears footsteps. Lockjaw will automatically walk under the desk and lie down.

2) Lockjaw Overhears a Conversation Cartoon (Act V:C):

We are now under computer control. Loop 1. Once Lockjaw is safely under the desk, the General walks into the study, headed straight for the portrait of Ima and himself. Loop 2. The General lifts the portrait off the wall and sets it down. Underneath is a safe. Loop 3. The General twirls the dial back and forth. Loop 4. The safe swings open. Loop 5. The General pulls out a pouch of money. Loop 6. The General walks to his desk and sits down. Loop 7. The General greedily begins to count his money, sifting it between his fingers and other 'Scrooge McDuck' sort of behaviors. Loop 8. A knock on the door is heard, then Percy enters through the door. Loop 9. Percy and the General converse, (the General is still counting) then Percy pulls a letter out of his jacket. Loop 10. The General stops counting, because he is worried about the contents of the letter. Loop 11. Percy tells him the letter is about the Stamp Act (not passed yet) and hands the letter to the General. Loop 12. The General looks at the letter, complaining about it. Loop 13. The General glares up at Percy, asking if he showed it to anyone. Loop 14. Percy looks both scared and offended as he denies it. Loop 15. They continue to converse. Percy reveals the password for the sentries guarding Poor Richard; "Blooey". Loop 16. The General takes his pen, dips it in the inkwell, and writes "Blooey" on the King's Letter. Loop 17. The General puts his pen back. Loop 18. The General picks up his pouch of money and stands. Loop 19. The General walks over to the safe. Loop 20. The General puts the money in the safe and shuts the door. Loop 21. The General twirls the dial on the safe, just to be sure. Loop 22. The General picks up the picture, and hangs it back on the wall over the safe. Loop 23. The General walks back to his desk and sits down. Loop 24. The General dismisses Percy with a disdainful wave of his hand. Loop 25. Percy exits through the door. Loop 26. The General begins his 'Wig Primping' loop. (He combs it, powders it, fluffs it up, etc.). NOTE: The King's Letter is in plain sight on top of the desk. Lockjaw must create a diversion to get it. There are several ways to do that:

Animation Summary Continued:

3) Lockjaw Upsets the Wig Powder (Act V:C):

Loop 1. PAW on POWDER CANNISTER; Locjaw comes out from under the desk. Loop 2. The General sees him, but doesn't have time to do anything. (General's eyes bulge in horror, etc.) Loop 3. Lockjaw launches himself at the powder, striking it with his front paws. Loop 4. The Powder Cannister falls off the desk into the General's lap (out of sight). A great cloud of powder surrounds the general. Loop 5. At the same time, Lockjaw lands safely on the floor. Loop 6. The General stands, still surrounded by the cloud, choking and gasping. Loop 7. Cursing Lockjaw and howling for Percy between wheezes, the General stumbles out the door, still surrounded by the cloud of powder. Lockjaw is now free to take the letter.

4) Lockjaw Bites the General (Act V:C):

Loop 1. TEETH on GENERAL; show Lockjaw open his mouth comically wide. (He's still under the desk). Loop 2. Lockjaw chomps the General's leg. Loop 3. The General leaps up and dances around in pain, yowling for Percy. Lockjaw is still on his leg. Loop 4. The General manages to shake Lockjaw off his leg. Loop 5. Lockjaw lands on his butt, with a self-satisfied look on his muzzle. Loop 6. The General runs for the door, cursing Lockjaw and howling for Percy. Loop 7. The General exits. Lockjaw is now free to take the letter.

5) Lockjaw Gives the General Fleas (Act V:C):

Loop 1. FLEAS on GENERAL gets Lockjaw shaking himself vigorously. He could even blur, he's shaking so hard. Loop 2. A swarm of fleas (black pixils) fly off of Lockjaw and onto the General. Loop 3. The General leaps up from his desk, slapping wildly at himself. (pixil-fleas should be visible, leaping all over him.) Loop 4. The General dances around, slapping fleas and cursing Lockjaw. Loop 5. The General exits, scratching wildly and howling for Percy. Lockjaw is now free to take the letter.

6) Lockjaw Takes the Letter (Act V:C):

Loop 1. PAW or TEETH on LETTER; show Lockjaw stand up with his paws on the desk. Loop 2. Lockjaw takes the letter in his mouth. He is now free to exit.

7) Lockjaw Gets Caught (Act V:C):

Loop 1. If Lockjaw doesn't take the letter and leave before a short timer expires, Percy will come in. He sneaks up behind Lockjaw. Loop 2. Percy shouts at Lockjaw and grabs him around the middle. Loop 3. Lockjaw looks comically surprised. Loop 4. Reset to Lockjaw under the General's desk before the distraction.

8) Pepper In the Study (Act V:C):

A fire is now burning merrily in the grate, so Pepper can't go that way. There is now a notepad and a pencil on the desk, along with everything else. An Armonica (glasses filled with water) is on a stand in the corner. Loop 1. HAND on NOTEPAD; Show Pepper taking the notepad. Loop 2. HAND on PENCIL; show Pepper taking the pencil. (Pepper uses the Pencil on the Notepad in inventory). Loop 3. HAND on PICTURE of Ima and the General; show Pepper taking the portrait down, revealing the safe underneath. Loop 4. HAND on SAFE brings up a close-up INSET of the DIAL. The icon in the inset will change to a left or right arrow, based on where the icon is at the time. Loop 5. MOVE DIAL Left or Right using the icon causes the dial to turn a certain amount. Pepper needs to enter the number she found on the General's pad (in inventory). Loop 6. If successful, show the safe door swinging open (same inset). The bag of money sits inside, bulging with coins. It says 'People's Money' on the side of the bag. Loop 7. HAND on OPEN SAFE or BAG shows Pepper reaching into the safe and taking the bag. It is now in inventory. Erase inset. Loop 8. HAND on SAFE DOOR shows Pepper shutting the safe. Loop 9. HAND on PORTRAIT gets Pepper replacing the painting. NOTE: If the player doesn't find this evidence, Ben will automatically find it at the end of the game, and the player just won't get points for it.

Animation Summary Continued:

9) Pepper Verifies Lockjaw's Presence (Act V:C):

Pepper can do this on her first visit to the Study, or after she's wandered around the kitchen and the stairway. Loop 1. HAND on GLASSES (Armonica) shows Pepper playing each individual glass by running her fingers around the rim. (they could be vibrating or making wavy 'soundtrack lines', Disney style if you want.) Loop 2. As Pepper plays the last note, she hears Lockjaw begin to howl somewhere in the house. She looks around excitedly. Loop 3. Pepper hears footsteps. She takes the last glass. It is now in inventory.

10) Pepper Gets Caught by the Butler (Act V:C):

Loop 1. Right after Pepper hides the Armonica glass, the Butler bursts into the room. He points at Pepper and yells at her for being a 'spy'. Loop 2. The Butler strides across the room and grabs Pepper by the arm. Loop 3. Pepper is kicking and hollering as the Butler starts to drag her toward the door. Loop 4. Pepper's tricorner hat falls off, and her hair tumbles down. Loop 5. The butler looks surprised, then happy. He realizes Pepper is a girl, and tells her she has to work in the kitchen ironing Ima's hair ribbons. Loop 6. Somewhat more gently, (because she's a girl), the Butler picks Pepper up and slings her under his arm like a sack of potatoes. Her face is toward the player. Loop 7. Pepper looks disgusted, and says she's getting tired of this. Fade to the Kitchen.

p380 - Penn Mansion-Foyer/Staircase

1) Pepper Gets Caught Coming Out of the Study (Act VII:C):

Loop 1. If Pepper comes out of the General's study without playing the Armonica, she emerges in the Foyer. Loop 2. The Butler, standing in his usual place by the front doors, spots her immediately. He shouts at her to halt. Loop 3. The Butler grabs Pepper and holds her under his arm like a sack 'o taters. Loop 4. The Butler carries Pepper into the Kitchen, through the North door. Fade to Kitchen, Trigger Nasty Ima cartoon.

1) Pepper Gets Caught Coming Out of the Kitchen (Act VII:D):

Loop 1. Pepper enters the Foyer from the Kitchen. The Butler is there. Loop 2. If Pepper is in a partial Ima costume (missing the Ironed Dress, the Mop Wig, or the Fan), the Butler will recognize her instantly. Loop 3. The Butler points, and tells her to get back to the kitchen. Pepper says no. Loop 4. The butler shakes his finger at her, saying 'don't make me carry you!' Loop 5. Pepper says 'all right, all right, and goes back around the corner. Fade to the Kitchen. NOTE: The exact same 'capture' sequence occurs if Pepper tries to get by the butler in her maid's costume, but doesn't have or doesn't use the backscratcher on him, or if she tries to sneak past when he's facing her way during his 'scratching and turning' loop. She is now free to go upstairs and exit East, into the Hallway Maze.

2) Pepper Gets Past the Butler in Costume (Act VII:D):

Loop 1. Pepper enters the Foyer from the Kitchen, in full Ima costume. As she gets close to the Butler, she holds the fan up to her face, so only her eyes show. The Butler, who is there, immediately stands at attention. Loop 2. The Butler asks Pepper if there's anything he can do for her. Loop 3. Pepper, flouncing by, tells him not to look at her, because the heat from the kitchen has simply wilted her hair. Loop 4. The Butler says 'Yes'm' and rolls his eyes as Pepper flounces up the stairs. Loop 5. Pepper looks over her shoulder and grins. She is now free to enter the Upstairs Hallway Maze. NOTE: If Pepper tries to exit South to the General's Study in her Ima costume, the Butler will call after her, telling her that she KNOWS her father doesn't like her playing in his study. Pepper can't go in.

3) Pepper Cures the Butler's Fleas (Act VII:D):

Loop 1. Pepper enters the Foyer in her maid's costume. The Butler is already there. He asks her what she's doing in this part of the house. Loop 2. If Pepper watches the butler for a moment, she will notice that he is wiggling and scratching. An occasional flea (black pixil) leaps around on his body. Loop 3. If Pepper uses the BACKSCRATCHER on the Butler, show her handing it to him, the butler taking it gratefully. Loop 4. The Butler goes into an ecstacy of scratching. He will slowly turn in a circle as he scratches. When his back is turned to Pepper, she can dash up the stairs. Once upstairs, she must exit into the Hallway Maze before the Butler turns around and faces her again. Loop 5. If Pepper tries to go past the Butler on the ground floor when the Butler is facing her or partially facing her, he sees her, stops scratching, and orders her back to the Kitchen. Loop 6. Pepper looks disgusted. GAME RESET to Kitchen. Loop 7. If Pepper doesn't exit into the Hallway Maze soon enough after she sneaks up the stairs, the Butler will turn around, look up the stairs, and see her. He will point at her, ordering her back to the kitchen. Loop 8. Pepper looks disgusted. GAME RESET to Kitchen. NOTE: If Pepper gets sent back to the kitchen, the Butler will still be scratching and turning when she comes back out. She can try to sneak past him for as long as it takes her--he'll always be there.

Animation Summary Continued:

4) Pepper and Lockjaw Hide from Ima (Act VII:F):

Loop 1. Pepper and Lockjaw have just emerged from the Lockjaw Hallway Maze. They are under computer control. Pepper and Lockjaw stop at the top of the hallway. Loop 2. Pepper and Lockjaw looks around for someplace to hide. (they hear Ima). Control goes back to the player, but as Lockjaw. Loop 3. If Lockjaw tries to WALK down the STAIRS, they only get a little way down when Ima and the Butler emerge from the Kitchen. Loop 4. Ima shouts for the Butler to grab them. He starts up the stairs. Loop 5. Lockjaw looks up at Pepper and grins, embarrased. 'Oops!' he growls in a doggy voice. Pepper looks digruntled. GAME RESET to the top of the stairs. Loop 6. NOSE on CLOSET gets Lockjaw walking over and sniffing at it.

Loop 7. A Thought Bubble of old clothes, with moths fluttering around them, appears over Lockjaw's head. Loop 8. PAW on CLOSET shows Lockjaw pawing at the closet door. Pepper congratulates him on a good idea. Loop 9. Pepper walks over to the closet. Loop 10. Pepper opens the closet door and the two slip inside. Loop 11. The door is left open a crack, and Pepper and Lockjaw are visible 'peeking' out of the closet. (Ima doesn't notice them.)

5) Thwarting Ima (Act VII:F):

Loop 1. Shortly after Pepper and Lockjaw hide, Ima and the Butler enter from the Kitchen and stand at the bottom of the stairs. The Butler is carrying the pot of dye. Loop 2. Ima and the Butler walk all the way up the stairs, to the upper landing. Loop 3. Ima stomps her foot and shouts 'WAIT!' Loop 4. The Butler's eyes bug out in surprise, and he nearly drops the dye. Loop 5. Ima informs him that she wants to dye Lockjaw in the kitchen. She orders the Butler to go get Lockjaw. Loop 6. The Butler sighs and sets the pot of dye down on the railing. Loop 7. The Butler exits Upstairs East. Loop 8. Ima waits impatiently, tapping her foot and rolling her eyes. Loop 9. Pepper whispers to Lockjaw that she'd like to dye Ima. Lockjaw looks up at her and growls in agreement. Loop 10. The Butler comes running in from the East, out of breath and red-faced. He tells Ima that he can't find Lockjaw. Loop 11. Ima emits an ear-splitting scream that makes Lockjaw flatten his ears in pain, and the Butler's hair stand up. Loop 12. Ima begins a 'Looking for Lockjaw' loop. She is walking frantically around the landing, half-sobbing for 'Fluffy', and intermittantly berating the Butler. Loop 13. The Butler begins his own 'Looking for Lockjaw' loop. Loop 14. Pepper whispers to Lockjaw, and grins wickedly. Loop 15. He looks up at her with the same kind of wicked grin. Loop 16. Pepper gives him a quick scratch behind the ears. Loop 17. Lockjaw sneaks out of the closet when Ima and the Butler aren't looking (computer controlled). He gets all the way down the stairs and sits in the middle of the Foyer. (SNEAKING LOCKJAW WALKER) Loop 18. Lockjaw begins to whine, raising his paw and looking pathetic. Loop 19. Ima and the Butler turn around and see Lockjaw. Loop 20. Pepper leans out of the closet a little ways, to see better. Flash her Icon bar to show that control has reverted to her. Loop 21. Ima screams with joy at the sight of her doggie, then with dismay at his 'wounded' condition. Loop 22. Ima turns wrathfully to the Butler, asking if he hurt the doggie. Loop 23. The Butler vehimently denies it. Loop 24. Ima walks slowly down the stairs so as not to scare Lockjaw, cooing endearments. She gets all the way down to the Foyer, standing under the trajectory of the pot. Now is Pepper's chance. Loop 25. Pepper's HAND on the DYE POT at the exact right moment in Ima's loop shows Pepper slipping out of the closet and pushing the dye pot. Loop 26. The dye pot falls off the railing and onto Ima's head. (Lockjaw leaps back to avoid getting the blues). Ima is covered in blue dye, and the pot is stuck on her head.

5) Thwarting Ima Continued:

Loop 28. Ima staggers around, bounces off the Downstairs East wall, just North of the Front Doors, then sits down against the wall and begins to wail. Loop 29. The Butler, who is still upstairs, is absolutely horrified. He turns and runs, exiting Upstairs East. Loop 30. The General comes out of his study and appears at the bottom of the stairs, wig askew. NOTE: If the player chooses the wrong moment or the wrong action, or just doesn't come out of the closet, Ima will shout up the stairs at the Butler to toss her down the doggie's leash. He will ask her where it is, and she will tell him, 'in the closet, stupid!' The Butler approaches, and Pepper's eyes get big. 'Yikes!' GAME RESET to Ima at the top of the stairs.

6) Taking Care of Percy (Act VII:F):

Loop 1. The General has just come to the bottom of the stairs from his study. His wig is askew. He looks horrified at what's happened to Ima, and he starts screaming for Percy. Loop 2. Percy comes skidding in from the Kitchen door. Loop 3. Lockjaw growls at them, then races halfway up the stairs to defend Pepper, who's standing on the upper landing. Loop 4. There's a loud knocking at the front doors. It's Ben, and he demands that the people be heard. Percy stops and asks the General if he should get the door. Loop 5. The General is thoroughly upset by now. He tells Percy to catch Lockjaw. Loop 6. Percy looks upset and worried. Loop 7. The General points at Lockjaw, sternly ordering Percy to catch him. Loop 8. Percy starts shakily up the stairs, knees knocking, talking soothingly to Lockjaw. Loop 9. Lockjaw's icon bar shows up and flashes for a moment. Loop 10. Pepper walks down the stairs and stands next to Lockjaw, at about the midpoint on the stairs. She shouts, 'sic 'em, Lockjaw!' Loop 11. Lockjaw's TEETH on PERCY shows Lockjaw launching at Percy. Loop 12. Percy turns to run, and Lockjaw clamps onto his butt. Loop 13. Percy howls and stumbles down the stairs, Lockjaw still attached. Loop 14. Percy rolls down the stairs and hits the Downstairs East wall, just South of the Front Doors. Lockjaw flies off of his butt upon impact with the wall. Loop 15. Percy sits slumped against the wall, stars spinning around his head. Loop 16. If the player fails to make Lockjaw bite Percy, show Percy grabbing Lockjaw and then Pepper by the scruffs of their necks. Loop 17. Pepper looks irritated. Lockjaw growls. GAME RESET back to Percy starting up the stairs.

7) Taking Care of General Pugh (Act VII:F):

Loop 1. Percy disposed of, the General starts up the stairs toward Pepper. There are two ways to take care of him; grabbing his wig or using the Leydon jar on him. Loop 2. Switch to Pepper icon bar. It should flash for a few seconds. Loop 3. Pepper's HAND on the Generals WIG shows Pepper grabbing off the General's wig and holding it over her head. Loop 4. The General (who is totally bald) howls, and then covers his head with his arms. Loop 5. The General overbalances, and rolls down the stairs. He bounces off Percy, who is trying to get up, and knocks him over. (Percy is still on the East Downstairs wall) The General collapses in a heap. Stars and birds are flying around the General and Percy's heads. Loop 6. Pepper throws the General's wig contemptuously down at him. It bounces off his head, stunning him further still. Loop 7. If Pepper uses the CHARGED LEYDON JAR on the General, show Pepper taking it out of her clothes, and touching the General with it. Loop 8. The General 'electrifies', in a very cartoony way. Maybe you can see his skeleton for a second, etc. Loop 9. As the General is being zapped, his wig flies off. Loop 10. The General shouts and tries to cover his head. He overbalances and falls. Loop 11. The General tumbles down the stairs and hits Percy like a bowling ball. Loop 12. Percy, who was trying to get up, is knocked over again. The General collapses in a heap, and his wig, which shot straight up, lands next to him. Stars and birds are flying around the General and Percy's heads.

Animation Summary Continued:

8) Opening the Door (Act VII:F):

Once Percy and the General have been taken care of, there is time for Pepper to open the door. Loop 1. HAND on FRONT DOOR shows Pepper walking down the stairs to the door and sliding the bolt. Loop 2. Pepper opens the door. Loop 3. Ben and Deborah enter, and many of the 'cured' colonists can be seen in the doorway.

9) Giving Ben the Evidence (Act VII:F):

Ben and Deborah are in the foreground. Many colonists are visible in the doorway, and outside. The colonists are carrying protest signs with anti-Stamp Act slogans on them. Loop 1. The General stands up and retrieves his wig. Loop 2. The General puts on his wig (crooked). Loop 3. Percy slowly staggers to his feet. Loop 4. Ben points at the General, accusing him of false taxation. Loop 5. The General denies it, waving his arms around and threatening the people with force if they don't go home. Loop 6. Ben whips the King's Letter out of his pocket and waves it under the General's nose. Loop 7. Ben waves the letter over his head, telling the colonists what it is. Loop 8. The colonists shout and wave their signs angrily. Loop 9. The General calmly suggests that Ben is out of his mind. Loop 10. The colonists look confused. They look at each other, wondering. Loop 11. Deborah steps forward and insults the General. Loop 12. The General looks innocent and suggests that Ben forged the letter. Loop 13. Ben looks at Pepper, and asks her if she has any evidence. Loop 14. If Pepper uses the MONEY POUCH on either Ben or the General, show her taking it out of her clothes and holding it up over her head for the colonists to see. Loop 15. She hands it to Ben, proclaiming him a great man and the General a mound of doodoo. Loop 16. The colonists get excited, booing and yelling at the General. Loop 17. Two or three of the colonists surge forward into the Foyer, grabbing first the General, then Ima and Percy.

9) Giving Ben the Evidence Continued:

Loop 18. The colonists carry the three outside, through the Front Doors. Ima is wailing and kicking her legs, with the bucket still on her head. Loop 19. After all the colonists are gone, the two Tax Sentries stick their heads in the front door, wearing outrageously huge big and tall wigs. They ask if this is the General's Ball. Pepper tells them it's outside. Loop 20. The Sentries grin and thank her. They duck out through the door. Loop 21. Ben shakes his head, thinking about the colonists. Loop 22. Ben and Deborah have a brief conversation about proverbs. Loop 23. Pepper and Lockjaw grin at each other knowingly. Fade to Ending Cartoon. NOTE: If the player has the MONEY POUCH in inventory but doesn't use it after a short timer has gone off, the General orders everybody out due to lack of evidence. Do a GAME RESET to Pepper on the stairs and Ben first knocking on the door. NOTE: If Pepper doesn't have the evidence in inventory at all, a colonist will come out of the General's Study, brandishing the bag. The colonist hands the bag to Ben. The results are the same as if Pepper did it (see above), but the player doesn't get the points.

p390 - Penn Mansion/Kitchen

1) Nasty Ima Cartoon (Act VII:D):

Loop 1. Pepper is standing sullenly in the kitchen, dressed in a maid's uniform. Ima is lecturing Pepper on her new duties. Loop 2. Ima points at the bucket of dye (which has a stick in it), telling Pepper to stir it. Loop 3. Ima points at her dresses, which in a basket near the ironing board, telling Pepper to iron them. One dress is already on the ironing board. Loop 4. Ima points at a lace fan lying on the counter, ordering Pepper to mend it. (It has a little tear in it.) Loop 5. Ima turns and flounces out. Loop 6. Pepper sticks her tongue out at Ima's retreating back. Loop 7. Pepper looks down at the maid's dress she is wearing with absolute disgust. Loop 8. Pepper glares at the player and says, 'not one word out of YOU!'

2) Pepper Puts On A Disguise (Act VII:D):

Loop 1. HAND on DYE STICK gets a Thought Bubble over Pepper's head of a blue Lockjaw. Pepper shudders and says 'no way'. Loop 2. HAND on IRON (being heated in the hearth) shows Pepper reaching for it. Loop 3. Pepper barely touches the iron, then leaps back and sucks her fingers. Loop 4. HAND on POTHOLDER gets Pepper reaching out and taking the potholder off the hook. It goes into inventory. Loop 5. POTHOLDER on IRON shows Pepper taking the iron, using the potholder. Loop 6. Pepper irons the dress on the ironing board with a look of abject disgust on her face. Loop 7. Pepper finishes and puts the iron down on the board. Loop 8. HAND on DRESS; show Pepper taking the Dress. Loop 9. Pepper puts the dress on, grumbling and making faces the whole time. NOTE: Pepper can put on the dress without ironing it, but the Butler will always recognize her when she gets to the Foyer. He will also recognize her if she doesn't have the FAN or the MOP HEAD WIG. That results in a Reset to the Kitchen. Loop 10. HAND on FAN shows Pepper picking it up. Loop 11. FAN on PEPPER shows Pepper holding the fan in front of her face momentarily. Loop 12. Pepper lowers the fan for a moment, grinning at the player. Loop 13. HAND on MOP shows Pepper pulling off the mop head. Loop 14. MOP HEAD on PEPPER shows Pepper putting the mop head on her own head, making a wig. Pepper can now make her escape through the East door.

p400 - Penn Mansion Generic Hallway

1) Finding Lockjaw (Act VII:D):

Loop 1. Pepper is wandering the hallways wearing either the Maid's Uniform or the Ima Disguise, looking for Lockjaw. Loop 2. The player can find Lockjaw by using the WATER GLASS on PEPPER. Every time she does this, show her running her finger around the edge of the glass. After a second, Lockjaw barks in the distance. The player gets a text msg that says 'Pepper hears a dog barking to the right/left/further down the hallway', depending on where it came from. Loop 3. If she follows those directions, she will finally reach Lockjaw's door. She will hear whining, barking, and scratching. Maybe the door even bulges a little as Lockjaw jumps on it.

2) Lockjaw's Door (Act VII:D):

Loop 1. TALK on LOCKJAW'S DOOR gets Pepper leaning to the door and whispering. Lockjaw whines and scratches on the other side (unseen). Loop 2. HAND on DOORKNOB shows Pepper trying the knob and finding it locked. Loop 3. Pepper leans close to the door and tells Lockjaw the door is locked. More scratching and whining. Loop 4. Pepper looks around nervously and tells Lockjaw to try to find a way out. She's getting desperate. Fade to LOCKJAW 3.

3) Pepper Gets the Key (Act VII:D):

Fade-in from Lockjaw 3. Lockjaw has just pushed the key partway under the door, but not far enough for Pepper to reach. There is the faintest glint of brass (the key) visible under the door. Loop 1. HAND on GLINT shows Pepper kneeling down and trying to take the key. Print a msg that there isn't enough of the key to get a grip on. Loop 2. MAGNET on GLINT shows Pepper taking the magnet out of her clothes and holding it down next to the bottom of the door. Loop 3. The Key shoots out from under the door, sticking to the Magnet. Loop 4. Use MAGNET WITH KEY ATTACHED on the DOOR gets a msg that Pepper has to take the key off the magnet. (She does this in Inventory.) Loop 5. Use KEY on DOOR shows Pepper taking the key and unlocking the door. NOTE: There will be a timer running during the 'unlocking the door' sequence. Pepper will hear footsteps and voices from time to time. If Pepper/Lockjaw don't manage to open the door in a certain amount of time, the Butler appears and captures Pepper. GAME RESET to Pepper outside Lockjaw's door. NOTE: If the player is Lockjaw when the timer runs out, fade to Pepper in the hallway being caught by the Butler.

4) Glad Reunion Cartoon (Act VII:E):

Loop 1. Pepper opens the door. Loop 2. Lockjaw flies out into Pepper's arms. Loop 3. Pepper hugs Lockjaw. Lockjaw's tail is wagging so hard it's a blur. Loop 4. Lockjaw gives Pepper many sloppy licks in the face. Loop 5. Pepper finally puts Lockjaw down. Loop 6. Pepper talks to Lockjaw, then looks despondently down the hallway. She's afraid she can't find her way back. Loop 7. Lockjaw sits up and barks meaningfully. Loop 8. Pepper's face brightens. She knows Lockjaw can lead them out. Switch to Lockjaw.

5) Lockjaw Hallway Maze (Act VII:F):

Loop 1. Flash Lockjaw's icon bar for a few seconds. Loop 2. WALK LOCKJAW shows Lockjaw walking and Pepper following behind. If Lockjaw lingers too long, Pepper will give him words of encouragement. Loop 3. NOSE on CARPET shows Lockjaw sniffing the carpet. Loop 4. Lockjaw goes into a stiff 'point', like a hunting dog. He points in the direction they should go to reach the Foyer, like a little compass. Loop 5. When they successfully finish the Maze, Pepper and Lockjaw emerge at the top of the stairs in the Foyer/Staircase room.

6) Wrong Door Scenarios (Act VII:D):

Pepper will encounter many doors (See the Hallway Maze on her way to find Lockjaw. Some can open, and she sees funny things. Some don't open, and she just hears funny things. LISTENING to a door consists of approaching it, or standing next to it. OPENING a door consists of putting Pepper's HAND on the DOOR. DOORS ONE AND TWO. (East/West Facing Doors) Door 1 and Door 2 open out onto different parts of the Maze. In other words, they just take you from one hallway to another. Pepper will get a funny text msg about the Pughs needing a good architect. DOOR THREE. (West-Facing Door) If Pepper LISTENS to Door 3, she will hear piteous meowing. If Pepper OPENS door 3, a pitiful cat, dyed purple and wearing a fluffy wig, will race out of the room and run around the corner, desperate to escape. Pepper looks horrified. 'The fiends!' NOTE: If Pepper tries to follow the cat, she can't find it. It's a one-time gag. DOOR FOUR. (Full Front Door) Pepper hears nothing if she listens to Door 4. If she opens Door 4, she sees that it opens onto a straight dropoff. (Visible through the doorway). Pepper slams the door and wipes her forehead, commenting that the Pughs are crazy. DOOR FIVE. (Full Front Door) If Pepper LISTENS to door 5, she will hear humming. If Pepper OPENS door 5, she will see a plump maid in ridiculous bloomers standing in the doorway. The maid opens her mouth HUGELY and screams. (Warner Brothers 'Turn out that light!' style animation.) Pepper slams the door. DOOR SIX. (East-Facing Door) If Pepper LISTENS at door 6, she hears Ima playing the harpsichord badly, and singing like a dying crow. If Pepper tries to OPEN the door, she gets a msg that she doesn't want to see the little twit, hearing her is bad enough. DOOR SEVEN. (North-Facing Door) If Pepper LISTENS at the door, she hears Percy humming. If Pepper OPENS the door, she sees Percy dancing with a broomstick in the doorway. Pepper makes a rude comment about it being the only thing that would dance with him, and shuts the door. DOOR EIGHT. (East-Facing Door) If Pepper LISTENS at the door, she hears snoring. If Pepper OPENS the door, the Butler, who was sleeping propped up against the door, falls out. He stays asleep. Pepper sneaks away. If she comes to Door 8 again, he will be gone. DOOR NINE. (North-Facing Door) If Pepper LISTENS at Door 9, she hears a conversation between two of the maids about what a hideous kid Ima is. If Pepper tries to OPEN the door, she can't. She gets a msg saying even though the maids sound sympathetic, she doesn't want to risk discovery. DOOR TEN. (East-Facing Door) Lockjaw's Room.

p410 - Ima's Boudoir

1) Lockjaw Explores Ima's Bedroom (Act III:C):

Loop 1. Lockjaw is curled up on the rug asleep, looking miserable. Loop 2. Lockjaw wakes up. He yawns hugely. Loop 3. Lockjaw streches and stands up. Flash his Icon Bar for a few seconds. He is now free to explore. Loop 4. PAW on LOCKJAW shows Lockjaw stop whatever he's doing and start scratching frantically behind his ear. Loop 5. A flea (black pixil) pops off of his coat and arcs through the air. Loop 6. If no one is in the room, the flea lands on the rug and then hops back onto Lockjaw. Loop 7. If someone is in the room, the flea lands on them. The person shudders and scratches once or twice. Loop 8. TEETH on LOCKJAW shows him turn around suddenly and bite his flank. Loop 9. PAW on RUG shows Lockjaw rolling on his back on the carpet. Loop 10. PAW on DOGGY BONE shows Lockjaw pawing it experimentally. Loop 11. TEETH on DOGGY BONE shows Lockjaw picking it up in his mouth. He'll carry it around until the player figures out he can bury it in the dog bed, or until he tries to go into the secret passage, at which point he'll drop it. Loop 12. LOOK on DOGGIE BED gets a horrified look from Lockjaw, and a text msg saying he'd never sleep there. Loop 13. Lockjaw looks sly as he realizes that he can bury things there. (Text msg) Loop 14. TEETH on WATER DISH shows Lockjaw drinking. When he finishes, he's all drippy and drooly. Loop 15. TEETH on WATER DISH a second time shows Lockjaw drinking... Loop 16. Lockjaw now walks over to Ima's dressmaker's dummy and pees on it with glee. Loop 17. DOGGY BONE on DOGGY BED shows Lockjaw furtively burying his bone in the bed. Loop 18. NOSE on ANY OBJECT gets a Thought Balloon of the last person who touched it. (Ima, the General, Percy, or the Butler). That way, the player can see who all lives in the house. Loop 19. TEETH on ANY OBJECT gets Lockjaw chewing it. GENERIC CHEW OVERLAYS can be used to show the damage he's done. NOTE: It wouldn't be practical to use these overlays on EVERYTHING. Specifically, they would work on the Silk Bedsheets, the Bedposts, the Wallpaper, the Dresser, and the Dressmaker's Dummy/Dress. Claw overlays would be good for the door and the wallpaper, as well. Loop 20. PAW on WINDOW shows Lockjaw standing up on his back legs and looking out the window. Loop 21. NOSE on WINDOW gets a Thought Bubble of Pepper. Loop 22. PAW on WINDOW from standing position shows Lockjaw pawing futilely at the window. Loop 23. Lockjaw will get down after a moment, leaving paw and slobber marks. Loop 24. NOSE on SILL (where pigeon feathers are) gets a Thought Bubble of a pigeon. Loop 25. PAW on DOOR shows Lockjaw doing one of three random loops: a) He throws himself against the door and rebounds, b) He claws wildly at the door, leaving CLAW MARK OVERLAYS, or c) he tries to wriggle under the door. Only his nose goes under.

Loop 26. LOOK on KEYHOLE shows any of five random Keyhole Inset views: a) A red-carpeted, empty hallway, b) A tempting Butler posterior, c) An argument between Ima and the General about Lockjaw d) The Butler pursuing one of the maids e) Percy Throttlebottle's bloodshot eye peering back at him. Loop 27. PAW on DOGGIE BED when Lockjaw doesn't have anything to bury or dig up shows Lockjaw kicking contemptuously at it, along with a message that he would never sleep there.

2) Lockjaw Gets the Hidden Key (Act III:C):

Loop 1. NOSE on CHEST by Ima's bed gets Lockjaw sniffing at the chest. Loop 2. Lockjaw gets a Thought Balloon of Percy handing Ima a box of strawberry truffles. Loop 3. Lockjaw licks his chops and grins. Loop 4. PAW on CHEST shows Lockjaw scratching it (SCRATCH OVERLAYS), but being unable to open it. Loop 5. TEETH on CHEST shows Lockjaw begin to gnaw at the chest. (This could be some silly sawdust-flying, buzzsaw-dog-from-Hell animation. If Lockjaw had the bone in his mouth, he will spit it out before chewing the chest.) Loop 6. Lockjaw has chewed a big hole in the chest. Two objects fall out of it--a box of Strawberry Truffles, and a Key on a silk ribbon. Loop 7. TEETH on STRAWBERRY TRUFFLES shows Lockjaw wildly wolfing them down, papers flying. When he finishes he has a big pink ring around his mouth like lipstick. Nothing remains of the Truffles, not even the box. Loop 8. Lockjaw licks his 'lipstick' off. Loop 9. TEETH on KEY shows Lockjaw picking the key up in his mouth. Loop 10. KEY on DOGGIE BED shows Lockjaw burying the key in the fluffy cushions of the doggie bed. NOTE: If the player finds the key but doesn't hide it after a reasonable amount of time, Lockjaw will hear a noise and hide the key automatically.

3) Ima Cartoon (Act III:C):

Lockjaw's hiding the key or pulling on the pinecone that opens the secret passage triggers this cartoon. Loop 1. Ima throws open the door of her bedroom, squealing endearments at Lockjaw. Loop 2. Ima swoops down on Lockjaw and grabs him up. Loop 3. Ima covers Lockjaw with kisses, leaving visible red lipstick marks on his head. Lockjaw snarls. Loop 4. Ima holds Lockjaw up so that they are nose to nose. She coos at him. Loop 5. Lockjaw snarls, showing lots of teeth. Loop 6. Ima asks Lockjaw if he wants a bath. Loop 7. Lockjaw's hackles rise all over his back. Loop 8. Ima coos at Lockjaw some more, then gives him a big, sloppy kiss on the nose. Loop 9. Ima drops Lockjaw on the floor. Loop 10. Lockjaw shakes himself and snorts disgustedly. Loop 11. As Ima flounces out, the Butler walks in with a large basin of steaming water. The basin and the towels over his arm are labeled 'Fluffy'. Loop 12. Lockjaw growls and the Butler eyes him nervously and sets the basin down on the floor.

4) Avoiding the Bath (Act III:C):

Loop 1. The Butler begins to slowly approach Lockjaw, holding out his arms and cajoling in a shaky voice. Lockjaw must stop him before he gets too close. There are three ways he can do this: Loop 2. TEETH on BUTLER; show Lockjaw leap up and snap his jaws bare millimeters from the Butler's nose. Loop 3. The Butler falls over backwards, barely escaping Lockjaw's teeth. Loop 4. The Buler falls against the bookcase. Loop 5. The bookcase twirls around like a revolving door, making the Butler dissapear and then reappear. Loop 6. The Butler, stars revolving around his head, declares that he isn't paid enough to wash hellhounds. Loop 7. Fade to Lockjaw alone in the wrecked room (some chew and claw overlays), victorious. Loop 8. PAW on BUTLER shows Lockjaw launching at the Butler and connecting with him broadside. The same thing happens--he falls into the bookcase, it spins, etc. Loop 9. FLEAS on BUTLER shows Lockjaw shaking himself vigorously. Loop 10. A swarm of fleas leaps off of him and onto the Butler.

Loop 11. The Butler begins dancing around, scratching and squalling. Loop 12. The Butler falls into the bookcase. Do the 'bookcase spinning' loop. Loop 13. PAW or TEETH on BATH gets a vigourous head shake from Lockjaw, and a msg that he is trying to avoid the bath. NOTE: If Lockjaw does nothing, the Butler will grab him and stuff him in the bath (on the floor). Lockjaw will thrash so hard that the Butler is knocked over backwards into the bookcase, getting the same result as if the player solved the puzzle. The player won't get points, of course.

5) Finding the Secret Passage (Act III:C):

Lockjaw, after defeating the Butler, is alone and triumphant. Loop 1. PAW on BOOKCASE shows the bookcase give a little, but it won't turn. Loop 2. TEETH on BOOKCASE shows Lockjaw gnawing up a few books. Loop 3. LOOK on CUCKOO CLOCK gets a msg that it doesn't seem to be running. Loop 4. PAW on CUCKOO CLOCK shows Lockjaw batting at the lower pinecone, and a msg that he just never understood why cats liked that.

5) Finding the Secret Passage Continued:

Loop 5. TEETH on LOWER PINECONE shows Lockjaw leaping up and biting the pinecone. Loop 6. He hangs there for a moment, like a fish on a hook, then lets go. Loop 7. TEETH on CUCKOO CLOCK (The clock itself) shows Lockjaw leaping up and snapping at it futilely. Loop 8. TEETH on UPPER PINECONE shows Lockjaw leaping up and grabbing the upper pinecone in his teeth. Loop 9. Lockjaw drops down onto his butt. The chain pulls, the other pinecone goes up, and the little person in the clock moves from one side to the other. Loop 10. The bookcase swings open. Loop 11. WALK BEHIND BOOKCASE shows Lockjaw cautiosly walking back behind the bookcase. Bring up the SECRET CLOSET INSET. Loop 12. Lockjaw is in the secret closet. Some worn old moth-eaten clothes hang in the center of the room. There is a doggie shrine on the West wall with six collars and the names of dogs on brass plaques over them. There are also brass plaques below each collar. If Lockjaw LOOKS on the Plaques, each one will have a humorous blurb about the dog the collar once belonged to. A little arched mouse-hole is on the East wall. Loop 13. Lockjaw begins to shake at the sight of the collars. Loop 14. LOOK at PLAQUES shows text msgs about each collar. As he's reading them, Lockjaw's hair sticks up all over his body and his eyes bulge in fear. Loop 15. PAW on MOUSE HOLE shows Lockjaw experimentally pawing at it. Loop 16. NOSE on MOUSE HOLE shows Lockjaw sniffing it, and a Thought Bubble of a fat, juicy mouse. Loop 17. Lockjaw gets excited, wagging his tail and sticking his nose in the Mouse Hole. Loop 18. TEETH on MOUSE HOLE shows Lockjaw chewing wildly at the edges of the hole, sawdust flying. Soon it's big enough for him to get through. Loop 19. WALK on CHEWED MOUSEHOLE shows Lockjaw venturing into the hole. Cut to Secret Passageway.

6) Lockjaw 2 - Lockjaw and the Pigeon (Act V:C):

Loop 1. Lockjaw has just emerged from the Secret Passageway, with the letter in his mouth. The bookcase is closed. The Carrier Pigeon is on the sill outside Ima's window, tapping on the glass. Lockjaw's Icon Bar flashes for a few moments. Loop 2. TEETH on LOWER PINECONE of cuckoo clock gets a msg that it wouldn't be safe to go back now. Loop 3. NOSE on PIGEON; Lockjaw puts his paws up on the windowsill and sticks his nose through the slightly open window, whuffling the pigeon. The pigeon squawks in alarm, but doesn't fly away. Loop 4. A Thought Bubble appears over Lockjaw's head of Pepper holding the Pigeon. Loop 5. Lockjaw becomes excited, wagging his tail so hard that his whole butt wiggles.

Animation Summary Continued:

6) Lockjaw 2 - Lockjaw and the Pigeon Continued:

Loop 6. Lockjaw gets another Thought Bubble of Pepper hugging him. Loop 7. Lockjaw says 'Rfff!' happily, around a mouthful of letter. (maybe his cheeks bulge). Loop 8. LETTER on PIGEON shows Lockjaw put his paws up on the windowsill and gently push the letter through the open window. Loop 9. The Pigeon grabs the letter in his beak and flies away. Fade to Far Shot of Penn Mansion and Ben's house. NOTE: Until Lockjaw has given the letter to the Pigeon, the return to Pepper as ego will not occur.

7) Lockjaw 3 - Lockjaw is Freed (Act VII:D):

Loop 1. Ima's bedroom is now a total shambles. Every chew and claw overlay should be on the picture. (Save one or two just for this pic.) Pepper is on the other side of the door, out of sight. Lockjaw is sitting in front of the door, scratching at it and whining. A Thought Bubble of Pepper appears over his head. Flash Lockjaw's icon bar for a few seconds. NOTE: If the player as Lockjaw didn't find the Key during Lockjaw 1 or 2, the Key will now be hanging on a low peg by the doorframe when we fade in here. Loop 2. PAW on DOGGIE BED shows Lockjaw uncovering the key. (If he put it there.) It is now in his mouth/inventory. Loop 3. TEETH on KEY HANGING FROM HOOK shows Lockjaw grabbing the key with his mouth. It is now in inventory. Loop 4. Use KEY on DOOR shows Lockjaw putting the key down by the door and trying to push it under with his paws. It only goes so far, then stops. Msg about Lockjaw's paw being too clumsy to do it. Loop 5. Lockjaw sits up and begs, whining at the door. Fade back to Pepper.

p420 - Penn Mansion Secret Passage

1) Lockjaw in the Passage 1 (Act III:C):

Lockjaw is under player control. He needs to walk to the end of the passage. Loop 1. PAW on FIRE or WALK on FIRE gets a loop of Lockjaw gingerly reaching his paw in and pulling it back with a yelp. Loop 2. After burning his paw, Lockjaw glares at the screen and growls a little. Loop 3. LOOK on FIRE brings up the FIREPLACE INSET.

1) Lockjaw Spies on General Pugh (Act III:C):

We are now in the FIREPLACE INSET. This consists of a view through the fireplace into the General's study. You can really only see the General and Percy. Lockjaw is not visible--the player is seeing through his eyes. Loop 1. The General is sitting in his chair. He's holding a mirror in one hand, and powdering his wig with the other. A large jar of wig powder is open on the desk in front of him. Percy is standing obediently in front of the desk. Loop 2. General Pugh and Percy have a conversation about the Stamp Act, then about Ima and Lockjaw. The General keeps powdering his wig throughout, and Percy remains submissive-looking.

2) Lockjaw Spies on General Pugh Continued:

Loop 3. When the General says something nasty about Lockjaw, a Thought Balloon should appear in the extreme foreground of the Overlay. It would be over Lockjaw's head, if you could see him. The Thought Balloon shows a picture of Lockjaw biting General Pugh. Loop 4. When the General threatens Percy, he should stop powdering his wig for a moment to glare at him. Percy spreads his hands in supplication. Loop 5. During the 'Poor Richard' conversation, the General sets down his mirror and his powder puff to yell at Percy. Percy cringes. Loop 6. General Pugh stands up and yells at Percy. Loop 7. General Pugh slaps his neck, and pulls away something that he holds between his thumb and forefinger. 'Dratted fleas!' Loop 8. General Pugh storms off through the West door, followed by Percy. Fade back to Pepper.

3) Lockjaw in the Passage 2 (Act V:C):

Again, Lockjaw is under player control. The fire is out in the hearth, so all he has to do is walk across it to get to the General's study.

4) Lockjaw in the Passage 3 (Act V:C):

After Lockjaw has taken the King's letter, show Lockjaw walking through the passage furtively with the letter in his mouth. Fade to Ima's bedroom.

p500 - Boston Time Jump/Swimming Hole

1) Ben, Ethan and Darcy Cartoon (Act IV:C):

Loop 1. Young Ben is in the pond, experimenting with the 'swimming paddles' he just made. Ben swims a short distance using the paddles. A boy stands on the shore watching, obviously admiring Ben's invention very much. Loop 2. Pepper fades in, appearing in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Ben and company can't see her. Loop 3. Ben stops and rests. He tells Ethan that his paddles are very tiring. Loop 4. Ben begins paddling back and forth again, continuing his experiment.Loop 5. As Ben is paddling, Darcy sneaks out from behind the rock with a nasty expression on his face, headed straight for Ben's clothes. Darcy had been completely hidden behind the rock, both from Ben and the Player. (This takes place behind Ethan's back). Loop 6. Darcy picks up Ben's clothes. Loop 7. Darcy takes Ben's clothes and hides behind the big rock with them. (Darcy is again completely hidden.) Loop 8. Ben treads water a little off shore and calls to Ethan to get his clothes. Loop 9. Ethan looks around and sees that Ben's clothes have been stolen. Loop 10. Ben and Ethan converse briefly. Ethan tells Ben he'll go home and get him some clothes. Ethan exits East. Loop 11. Ben shivers. He comments that he'll be frozen by the time Ethan gets back. Loop 12. Darcy does his ghost impression from behind the rock (text). Ben is not impressed. They converse, then Darcy stands up and reveals himself to Ben, making a rude face. Loop 13. Darcy goes back behind the rock, and is again hidden.

2) Getting Ben's Clothes (Act IV:C):

Loop 1. HAND on WATER shows Pepper touching the water, then shivering comically. Text msg about how cold it is. Loop 2. WALK into WOODS shows Pepper turning to the player and saying that she doesn't dare go in the woods-a bear might eat her. Loop 3. HAND on PICNIC CLOTH shows Pepper bending down and picking up the cloth by one ratty corner. It's covered with dirt and dead leaves, and has some horrid tomato stains on it. It has a couple of strategically placed holes as well... Loop 4. Pepper grins wickedly. NOTE: TALK on ROCK where Darcy is hidden only gets a rude responce. HAND or INVENTORY ITEM on ROCK where Darcy is hidden gets nothing but foul comments. Loop 5. PICNIC CLOTH on PEPPER shows her putting the cloth over her head, looking out through the eyeholes. Loop 6. Pepper raises her arms and shambles toward the ROCK where Darcy is hiding, 'living dead' style. Pepper tells him she's really Panama Pete, and she's going to GET him. Loop 7. When Pepper gets to the rock, she starts to go behind it. Loop 8. Darcy screams, and leaps straight up into the air. He's visible above the rocks for a second, his eyes bugging out and his hair standing on end. Loop 9. Darcy drops Ben's clothes on the grass on the way back down, and runs offscreen West. Loop 10. Pepper automatically walks out from behind the rock so Ben can see her. Loop 11. Laughing, Pepper takes off the Picnic Cloth and drops it. Loop 12. Ben laughs heartily at Darcy, then asks Pepper for his clothes and invites her to dinner. Loop 13. HAND on BEN'S CLOTHES shows Pepper bending down and picking them up. Loop 14. CLOTHES on BEN shows Pepper toss the clothes to Ben. Loop 15. He catches them. Loop 16. Pepper tells him she'll wait behind the rock. Loop 17. Pepper turns to the player and blushes. Loop 18. Pepper goes behind the rock. Loop 19. Fade to a black screen with a msg on it that says 'Later, after dinner with Ben and his family...' Fade to Josiah Franklin's shop.

p510 - Boston Time Jump/Josiah Franklin's Shop

1) Before Arcade - Talking to Ben (Act IV:C):

It is after dinner. Ben is sitting at the table, working with wax and candle molds. Pepper is standing idly nearby. Loop 1. TALK on BEN, HAND on WEST WALL DOOR, HAND or WALK on NORTH WALL DOOR, or HAND on STUFF IN ROOM gets text msgs from Ben. He continues his candlemaking loop. Loop 1. HAND on TABLE or HAND on BEN gets Pepper asking what Ben is doing, and Ben explaining the process. Loop 2. Pepper asks if she can help, and Ben brightens immediately. He says yes. Loop 3. Pepper walks over and stands next to Ben, who give her a few last-minute instructions.

2) Candlemaking Arcade (Act IV:C):

Bring up the Candlemaking Arcade Inset. The Inset consists of a close-up of a worn and scalded wooden table top. On the table is candle mold with multiple openings (off to one side) and a pile of wicks. Pepper's hand is visible holding onto the handle of the mold. Ben's hand appears, holding the kettle of wax by a cloth around the handle. The kettle has a spout, and it will begin to tip. Loop 1. As the kettle tips, Pepper must maneuver the candle mold into place so that one of the holes is directly under the KETTLE SPOUT. (she does this using the mouse or the arrow keys.) Loop 2. If she does it just right, the wax goes into the mold. Loop 3. If she's off, the wax spills off the edge of the mold and onto the table. Loop 4. If she doesn't move the molds at all, the wax just goes onto the table. Loop 5. If Pepper had no mold under the Kettle, fade back to the Josiah's Shop screen. Ben is dismayed, but tells Pepper they can try again. Fade back to the Inset. Loop 6. Once the wax has gone into the mold, the kettle will tip back up for a short time. Loop 7. Pepper now has the chance to put her HAND on the WICKS to take a wick. Loop 8. Pepper must now put the WICK in the newly-filled MOLD before the wax hardens and the kettle tilts back down to pour another candle. Loop 9. If Pepper doesn't get a wick into the candle on time, fade back to the Shop screen. Ben tells her that the wax is too hard to take the wick, and they should try again. Fade back to Inset. Loop 10. If the player finishes all of the molds (8 or so) without causing 3 errors, erase the inset. Loop 11. Fade to the Shop. Ben is very pleased and thanks Pepper for her help. Player gets points for completing the arcade successfully. Loop 12. If player causes 3 errors before finishing the arcade, erase Inset. Ben thanks Pepper for trying to help, but tells her it's a little tricky and he'd better do it himself. Player doesn't get points.

3) Ben gives Pepper the Kite (Act IV:C):

Loop 1. Whether the player finished the arcade successfully or not, Ben runs back into the house through the North door after thanking her. Loop 2. Ben emerges with a red kite in his hand. Loop 3. He hands Pepper the kite in gratitude for her helping him with the hated task. Loop 4. Pepper takes the Kite. It goes into inventory. Loop 5. Pepper begins to fade (or whatever she does when she's time jumping. Loop 6. Just before she vanishes altogether, Ben makes a comment about the shop being too hot! Fade to Exterior Ben's House.

p520 - London Time Jump/Ben's Parlor

1) Pepper's Arrival (Act VI:C):

Loop 1. When we fade here, Pepper has not yet arrived. Ben is in his parlor, playing the Armonica while his four guests watch. His housekeeper stands by, and his big orange tomcat is hiding under the table. Dogs can be heard barking everywhere. Loop 2. One particularly dandy guest beseeches Ben to stop playing, so the dogs will stop barking. With a sigh, Ben does. Loop 3. Pepper materializes under the table. Loop 4. HAND on CAT causes the cat to shoot out from under the table, it's fur bristling wildly. Loop 5. WALK away from TABLE shows Pepper crawling out from under it. Loop 6. Pepper stands up. Loop 7. Ben's face lights up. He calls for Pepper to approach him. Loop 8. Pepper's shoulders sag. Loop 9. If Pepper WALKS to BEN, show her dragging her feet toward him (DEJECTED, FOOT-DRAGGING WALKER). Loop 10. If Pepper waits too long, or tries to WALK ANYWHERE ELSE, Mrs Stevenson walks up to her and grabs her firmly by the arm. Loop 11. Mrs. Stevenson drags Pepper over to Ben. Loop 12. Ben strikes a showman's pose and tells the guests about the experiment. He asks Pepper to walk over to the harness. Loop 13. WALK to the HARNESS shows Pepper dragging over to it (same walker). Loop 14. WALK ANYWHERE ELSE shows Mrs. Stevenson hustle over and grab Pepper by the arm. Loop 15. Mrs. Stevenson walks Pepper over to the harness. Loop 16. Ben holds up the Leyden jar, and looks around for the cat. He doesn't see him.

2) Finding the Cat (Act VI:C):

Loop 1. The cat's tail is sticking out from behind the right window curtain. Loop 2. HAND on CAT shows Pepper sneaking up to the cat (sneaking walker). Loop 3. Pepper tries to grab the cat. Loop 4. Pepper and the Cat go through a 'chase loop', in which they charge over the furniture, bump into the walls, and finally the cat runs under Mrs. Stevenson's skirts. Loop 5. Pepper runs into Mrs. Stevenson, trying to catch the cat. Loop 6. Mrs. Stevenson is knocked on her butt, and her cap flies off. Loop 7. HAND on CAT again shows Pepper and the Cat in their 'chase' loop, without running into Mrs. Stevenson this time. It should become apparent that Pepper can't catch the cat by hand. Loop 8. HAND on CAP shows Pepper picking up Mrs. Stevenson's cap. It is now in inventory. Loop 9. Use CAP on CAT shows Pepper scooping up the cat in Mrs. Stevenson's cap. Loop 10. The cat struggles wildly inside the cap for a moment, then calms down. Loop 11. Ben congratulates Pepper, then asks her to come back to him and the harness.

3) The Static Electricity Experiment (Act VI:C):

Loop 1. WALK to BEN shows Pepper walking over to Ben. She's no longer dragging around. Loop 2. WALK ANYWHERE ELSE or HAND on DOORKNOB shows Mrs Stevenson grabbing Pepper by the arm. Loop 3. Mrs. Stevenson drags Pepper over to the harness. Loop 4. Ben lifts Pepper up and hangs her in the harness. She is still holding the capped cat. Loop 5. Ben takes Pepper's hat off and sets it on the table. Loop 6. Ben takes the cat out of the cap in Pepper's hands. The cat and Pepper both look pretty cranky. Loop 7. Ben rubs the cat vigorously on Pepper's head. Loop 8. Pepper's hair and the cat's hair both stand up wildly. Loop 9. Ben touches the Leydon jar to Pepper's head. Loop 10. The Leyden jar is instantly filled with dancing sparks. The guests ooh and aah. (All except for one guy, who looks horrified). Loop 11. Ben puts the cat down. Loop 12. The embarrased cat runs off to hide. Loop 13. Ben invites the guests to touch Pepper's hair. Loop 14. At the urging of his wife, the dandy, horrified guest reluctantly touches Pepper's hair. Loop 15. The dandy guest's fancy wig sticks straight out in all directions, then sags in a mass of wilted white curls. Loop 16. The guests and Pepper laugh. Loop 17. Ben is delighted. He thanks Pepper, and puts her hat back on her head. Loop 18. Ben then hands Pepper a magnet, telling her she can help him with another experiment. Loop 19. Pepper takes the magnet. It goes into inventory.

Animation Summary Continued:

3) The Static Electricity Experiment Continued:

Loop 20. Pepper (still in the harness) begins to fade away. Loop 21. Ben looks worried and comments that he hopes that wasn't an aftereffect of the static electricity. Loop 22. The dandy guy with the messed up wig screams and faints. Fade to Exterior Ben's House.

p530 - Constitutional Convention Time Jump

1) Ben Falls Asleep (Act VI:E):

Pepper fades in, standing next to Ben. Old Ben is sitting at a desk with his leg propped up on a chair. He has a big bandage on his toe. He is taking notes. Thomas Jefferson is up front on the stage-like section, reading a section he has just finished. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and James Wilson are also sitting at desks, listening. Loop 1. Ben is quietly taking notes. Loop 2. In the middle of taking notes, Ben dozes off. Loop 3. Ben's head falls forward, and his bifocals drop off the end of his nose. They fall on the table. Loop 4. Thomas Jefferson hesitates. He sees Ben snoozing. Loop 5. The Convention Goers smile kindly, agreeing to leave Ben to his rest. They all stand. Loop 6. Thomas Jefferson asks Pepper to look after Ben (thinking she's a page). Thomas and the other Convention Goers exit North.

Animation Summary Continued:

2) Waking Ben (Act VI:E):

Loop 1. Once the Convention Goers are gone, control reverts back to the player. HAND or TALK on BEN gets Pepper clearing her throat and speaking quietly to Ben. Loop 2. Ben awakes with a start. Loop 3. Ben peers up at Pepper, and asks her if he's seen her before. He's missing his bifocals. Loop 4. Ben begins to feel around for his bifocals, but they have fallen just out of his reach.

3) Giving Ben his Glasses (Act VI:E):

Loop 1. HAND on GLASSES shows Pepper picking up the bifocals. Loop 2. GLASSES on BEN shows Pepper handing Ben his glasses. Loop 3. Ben takes his glasses, and puts them on with a sigh of relief. Loop 4. Ben peers at Pepper again. They have a brief conversation. Loop 5. Ben winces. His gout is bothering him. He asks Pepper if she could get him his medicine.

4) Giving Ben his Medicine (Act VI:E):

Loop 1. If Pepper took the HERBS from the Shed at the beginning of the game, she has them in inventory. HERBS on BEN shows Pepper handing Ben the packet. Loop 2. If Pepper didn't take the Herbs, she must find more. The papers on Ben's desk look like they might be on top of something. HAND on PAPERS shows Pepper moving the papers to reveal the packet of herbs. Loop 3. HAND on HERBS shows Pepper picking up the packet. She can now give it to Ben. Loop 4. In either case, when Pepper hands the packet to Ben, he takes it, and opens one end of the packet. Loop 5. Ben pours the herbs into his glass of water. Loop 6. Ben drinks the water and the herbs.

5) Helping Ben Get Home (Act VI:E):

Loop 1. Ben puts down his water glass, and says he thinks it's time to go home. Loop 2. Ben stands up weakly, carefully taking his leg off the chair. Loop 3. Ben asks Pepper if he could lean on her. Pepper says yes, and walks over to him. Loop 4. Ben and Pepper walk toward the North door. Ben has his arm around Pepper's shoulders, leaning on her. (This should be a touching image.) Fade to Exterior Franklin House.

p700 - The Time Vortex

1) Pepper and Lockjaw Travel through Time (Act I:D):

Fade to the Vortex Screen from Uncle Fred's Attic. Loop 1. Pepper and Lockjaw are tumbling end over end, like Alice down the rabbit hole. Pepper is shouting, Lockjaw is barking. Loop 2. Various things are passing by them as they fall--The Wicked Witch of the West, Roger Wilco, maybe H.G. Wells' Time machine--whatever you want to put in there, and we have the budget and time to do. Loop 3. They finish their 'tumbling and screaming' loop. Fade to West Commons screen (pic 210)

p760 - Franklin House - Attic Cutaway

1) Pepper climbs up out of the hatch (Act V:B):

Pepper emerges from the hatch and looks around the attic.

2) Pepper Sees the Pigeon (Act V:B):

Loop 1. A carrier pigeon in a cage is fluttering around, looking very agitated and unhappy.

3) Pepper Frees the Pigeon (Act V:B):

Loop 1. When Pepper puts her HAND on the CAGE, the cage door swings open, and the pigeon flies out. Loop 2. If she hasn't opened the window yet, the pigeon circles the room frantically. Loop 3. If Pepper hasn't got the drift after a certain amount of time, the pigeon will bang into the window from time to time, giving her a broad hint!

Animation Summary Continued:

4) Pepper Opens the Window (Act V:B):

Loop 1. When Pepper puts her HAND on the WINDOW, she slides the window open. Loop 2. The pigeon immediately flies out. NOTE: If Pepper opens the window before opening the pigeon's cage, the pigeon should fly out of its cage, loop around the room once or twice just for good measure, and then fly out the window. The pigeon is impossible to catch.

5) Fade to Lockjaw (Act V:B):

Loop 1. After the pigeon has flown out the window, the screen should dissolve to "Lockjaw 2" (a far shot of Penn Mansion).

6) Fade back to Attic (Act V:D):

Loop 1. Fade back in to the Attic inset. Pepper is still in the attic, looking around curiously. Loop 2. The pigeon flies onscreen. It lands on the windowsill. Loop 3. The pigeon drops the letter on the windowsill. Loop 4. The pigeon flies to the lightening rod, perches on it, and repeatedly taps the bell, thus ringing it.

NOTE: Pepper can leave the attic (without taking the letter) as soon as the pigeon drops the letter and rings the bell. If she comes back, the letter will still be there, and the pigeon will still be ringing the bell. He only leaves after she has taken the letter.

7) Pepper takes the Letter (Act V:D):

Loop 1. If Pepper puts her HAND on the LETTER, show her reaching out and taking the letter. Loop 2. The pigeon stops ringing the bell and flies away.