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Phantasmagoria - Consumite Furore

Phantasmagoria - Take a Stand

Sheet Music:

This Word doc has a SATB and piano arrangement of Consumite Furore

Consumite Furore SATB & Piano Score (Zipped)  

A simple reduction of the Magic Meadow for 2 guitars (3 jpg files zipped).


Other requests have included sheet music for "Girl In The Tower."  This is not the complete song, but there's enough here that you'll get the idea.  I converted this from the sequence file I used in the original recording, and then cut it down to include a verse, chorus, and the bridge.  Also in a Word doc format...Enjoy!

Girl In The Tower (Zipped)

A PDF file of Cassima's Theme from KQ5 for Guitar, 2 Violins, Viola, and Cello

Cassima's Theme

Recently I was asked to post music for King's Quest VIII, the theme from Daventry.  I contacted Ben Houge, the composer of that piece of music and he was able to send me a copy that I am posting here for your listening enjoyment.

Theme from Daventry

By popular demand, here's the entire Soundtrack Collection in MP3 format.

Sierra Soundtrack Collection (1992)

King's Quest 5

King's Quest V Theme

Graham's Theme

Cassima's Theme

The Bandits

The Dark Forest

Crispin's Theme

Closing Sequence


Codename Iceman


Love Theme/Morning



Police Quest II

Police Quest II Theme


Conquests of Camelot

Camelot Credits

Opening Sequence

Glastonbury Tor/The Mad Monk


Quest for Glory I

Quest for Glory Theme

Battle Theme

The Magic Meadow


Conquests of the Longbow

Opening Sequence

The Map/Hedge Maze/Abbey/Fens


King's Quest VI

Girl in the Tower


Produced by Mark Seibert and Jeff Hall

Copyright 1992 Sierra On-Line/Published by Sierra On-Line BMI